Radio Stations & Their Multiple Dimensions


Radio station is a term that you listen to almost everyday. But do you know what a radio station exactly is? If you are curious to know how a radio station works and what are its different types, you have come to the right junction.

A radio station consists of three different wings,

  • Programme Wing

  • Engineering Wing, and

  • Administrative Wing

The first two wings look after the running of a programme that is broadcasted, while the third one is concerned with providing all the support and assistance that is required to run a radio station effectively.


In a radio station, there are two studios. One of them is designed in such a way that no outside noises reach the recording corner. This is done with the help of sound lock system, which makes sure that recording is done without any inclusion of sounds like chirping of birds or barking of dogs, etc. The heavy doors of the recording studio never allow any external people to enter so easily. Only the people in concern remain in the recording studio of a radio station.

Another studio is a small-sized room, where the presenter plays the list of songs and airs advertisements in between. This is called the announcer’s booth or transmission studio. This rooms is filled with computer, CD players, tape desk, mixer, etc.


The main technical area of a radio station is the Control Room (CR). Whatever is run in a studio, whether it is a spoken word or playlist songs, everything is sent here. From the CR, everything is transferred to the transmitter.

The actions of the studio are converted into signals through this transmitter, which then reach our radio sets.


There is a station director, station engineer, programme personnel, transmission staff, radio announcer and artists, who work collectively to make a radio programme a big success.


There are two types of radio stations:

Private radio stations

Radio- Studio

The private radio stations are commercial in nature that give licenses to the broadcast programmes on radios. This type of station generally tempts the people coming from any background or age by offering mix of fun and entertainment.

In fact,

even for the businessmen, these stations work a lot. If you are a businessman, you can book an ad on these private radio stations through ReleaseMyAd, an advertising consultancy, and see how effective the ads on radios tend to be.

Some of these commercial radio stations are –

Community radio stations

The community radio station aims at catering to the interests of a community that is homogenous. It is concerned with broadcasting programmes that are confined to the local audiences.

This type of radio station, generally, focuses on developmental and sustainable programmes. However, entertainment is not banned. This element could also be used if desired.

So far as advertising is concerned, if you want to advertise your brand or product on radio and desire to get profitable returns, you should go for private radio stations. This is because it targets every group and is not just confined to a particular area or community.

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