A Poknapham newspaper ad gets you noticed across the ‘hills and valleys’!


Poknapham is a Meitei language daily newspaper that is published from Imphal, Manipur. Launched in the year 1975, Poknapham has, over a span of a little over four and a half decades, grown to become the most widely read Meitei language newspaper that is published using the Bengali script. A Poknapham newspaper ad can get your brand message across to a large Meitei speaking audience across the region.

The name ‘Poknapham’ is a Meitei language word that translates to ‘Birth Place’. The newspaper is an integral part of the media landscape of Manipur and it is one of the most popular newspapers in the region. The newspaper plays an important role in expressing the ideas, culture, heritage and perspectives of the Meitei speaking community in Manipur. 

Ads in Poknapham Newspaper

Known for its balanced, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of all the latest news stories, Poknapham is a well-loved and highly favoured choice among the Meitei community who rely on the newspaper to keep themselves up to date. Poknapham is widely regarded as “he favourite among readers in both hills and valley of the state” of Manipur. 

Every day, Poknapham brings to its readers all the latest news from across the length and breadth of Manipur, as well as from the rest of India and around the world. The newspaper is printed from Imphal, and on an average, there are more than 52161 copies of the newspaper in circulation each day. 

Along with the local, regional, national and international news stories, Poknapham provides readers with an assortment of stories and articles from several other topics of interest, which include politics, crime, the arts, economy, science and technology, education, health, lifestyle, sports and several others. 

Having such a variety of content in its pages, Poknapham is a newspaper that offers something for every type of reader. In other words, Poknapham is a newspaper that is perfect for promoting your brand, product or service in Manipur. 

For the Meitei people, Poknapham is much more than just a newspaper. It is a symbol of their cultural identity. It is a name that everyone in Manipur is familiar with, and is the first choice of many. 

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