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Hamara Mahanagar is a Hindi language daily newspaper that is based in Maharashtra. The newspaper was founded in Mumbai in March 1992 by Nikhil Wagle as a daily evening newspaper. The name of the newspaper translates to ‘Our Metropolis’ and is a leading Hindi language news daily. 

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On the 15th of June, 2005, Nikhil Wagle handed over the charge of Hamara Mahanagar to R. N. Singh, who was an MLA, the President of the North Indian Union as well as the Chairman and Managing Director of BIS group of companies. Under the leadership of R. N. Singh, the newspaper was reduced to a 16-page format on the 16th of June that year. Two months later, on the 20th of August, the newspaper was made into a broadsheet and it received a new look as well. 

There are numerous reasons for booking a Hamara Mahanagar newspaper ad. As of today, Hamara Mahanagar is published not just from Mumbai, but from Pune and Nashik as well. It is a popular Hindi daily in those cities, being well liked by its readers. Hamara Mahanagar has ambitious plans of publishing the newspaper from other cities in India in the future. The newspaper is highly respected across Maharashtra, and it is well known for its standards of journalism and its in-depth coverage and reporting. 

In each of its editions, Hamara Mahanagar delivers all the latest news stories from Maharashtra, the rest of India and around the world to its readers. Along with all the local, regional, national and international news, the newspaper also offers its readers a diverse range of stories and articles from various topics of interest. These topics include politics, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, astrology and many more. 

The extensive range of content on offer makes Hamara Mahanagar a newspaper that has something for everyone. In turn, this makes Hamara Mahanagar an ideal channel for advertisers.  

It is well known that newspapers are an indispensable part of modern life in India. They are a staple across every household, and in spite of the digital revolution, the popularity of the newspaper remains undiminished. Research has shown that ads in newspapers are more effective in calling people to action than ads in newspapers or on television.

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