How important are newspaper ads in today’s world?


We live in a world dominated by modern gadgetry. People nowadays have the convenience of having access to all the world’s information on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. Newspapers and magazines are now available online, and there is an abundance of news websites, podcasts and blogs as well. With such volume and variety of information, one might think that newspapers are obsolete and digital is the only way forward.

It is not that simple, however. Even though electronic devices offer people a great deal of convenience, newspapers are here to stay. Newspapers are an integral part of practically every household in India, and they enjoy a high degree of respect as they are considered to be authentic, comprehensive and reliable sources of information on a wide range of topics. 

Now, many people may argue that a typical newspaper can only accommodate a limited amount of information, as opposed to the internet as a whole being a treasure trove of information. The important point to consider here is the fact that not all the information available on the internet is accurate or verified. Newspapers offer a high level of credibility and authenticity. 

Of course, it goes without saying that the ways in which people consume information in today’s world is very different from information consumption patterns even two decades ago. But it would be plainly incorrect to say that digital media spells the end of print media.

Newspapers are filled with advertisements of different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. The relevance of an ad in newspaper can only be summarised by the sheer number of them in a typical newspaper every day. 

Advertise in Newspaper

Newspapers, being daily or weekly publications, are channels that allow for far quicker turnarounds compared to other forms of advertising. Newspapers also enjoy a great deal of trust from their readers, and these people are far more likely to be influenced or persuaded by an ad in a newspaper that they read on a regular basis. 

Even if one keeps aside the practicality aspect, there is a certain unsubstitutable charm in holding a newspaper with one’s hands and reading it. Additionally, a large number of people in India are unfamiliar with modern technology, so for them to keep themselves updated with the latest news, reading the newspaper is their only option.

That being said, newspaper ads too will be relevant for a long time to come. Not only are newspaper advertisements better at attracting the attention of readers, they are also more effective in influencing the decisions of readers. In other words, if a brand wishes to remain at the top of their game, newspaper ads can go a long way!

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