Know why you should publish Lost & Found Advertisement in the Newspaper!

It is a human tendency to misplace valuable items, important documents, certificates, personal belongings etc. In fact, even pets, people, our loved ones also sometimes go missing. When anything or a person gets misplaced or goes missing, it is important to inform the general public. The goal of placing a Lost and Found ad is to ensure all lost items are returned to their rightful owner in a timely and an efficient manner. Placing a Lost and Found ad helps greatly in obtaining duplicate copy of the misplaced documents such as Voter Id Cards, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport, School/ College Certificates, Bank Documents, Share Certificates. Publishing a Lost Found advertisement is a kind of legal formality that has to be followed.

With the help of lost and found advertisements, a person can reach out to the general public and make them aware about the item that has been missing. Lost and found classified ads are placed in the newspaper to obtain a duplicate of the misplaced document such as identity cards, certificates, share deeds papers, passports etc.

Lost and found Advertisement

When a non-living item is missing, the ads are published under the Lost & Found section while when a pet or a person gets missing, the classified ads are placed under the Missing column.

Different Types of Lost & Found Advertisements

  •  Identity Cards (Voter Card/ PAN Cards/ Aadhar Card/ Driving License) Lost Advertisement
  • School /College / University Certificates Lost Advertisement
  •  Passport Lost Advertisement
  •  Company Legal Documents Lost Advertisement
  •  Income Tax Certificate Lost Advertisement
  • Property Documents (Sale Deed, Registry papers, Mutation papers) Lost Advertisement
  •  Share Certificate Lost Advertisement
  •  Bank Documents Lost Advertisement

Different Types of Missing Advertisements

  • Person Missing Advertisement
  • Pets Missing Advertisement

Supporting Documents required for placing a Lost & Found/ Missing Advertisement

  •  FIR attested/ stamped by Police Station (Not More than 6 Months)
  • General Diary attested/ stamped by Police Station (Not More than 6 Months)

Requirement of placing Lost & Found Advertisements in the newspaper

  • Reaching the General Public – Publishing Lost Found Ad in the newspaper makes the public aware of the lost document or the person/pet. If the item/document/person or pet is found, that can be returned to the right owner.
  • Fulfilment of Legal Documentation – Placing Lost and Found classified ads in the newspaper is a mandatory procedure that needs to be followed. A scanned copy of the FIR/ General Diary needs to be provided along with the newspaper advertisement as a proof of supporting documents. This helps to stop misuse of the documents if fallen into wrong hands.
  • Obtaining Duplicate documents – The process becomes easier in obtaining the duplicate copy of the documents if a lost and found advertisement is published in the newspaper.
  • Retrieve the lost item/document/person/pet – Publishing newspaper ad helps in retrieving the lost item/ member more quickly.

Format to follow for placing Lost and Found advertisement

Some important guideline needs to be followed while booking a Lost & Found Ad

  • Proper and complete information must be provided in the ad content about the item/document/person/pet lost.
  • Contact details of the owner should be clearly mentioned in the ad content (home address or phone number).
  • The language should be clear enough for the readers to understand and communicate.

Type of Advertisement format applicable for placing Lost & Found / Missing Advertisements

  •  Text Classified – Lost & Found ad can be placed in simple run-on line format by only mentioning the important details in the ad content. Use of any picture or image is not required if the lost item is any document or certificate. The ads are very economical in nature. These ads are placed only in the classified section of the newspaper under the heading “Lost & Found”.
  • Display Classified – If the advertisement is placed for any missing person or pet, it’s important to place the ad in Classified Display format where uploading the picture of the missing person/ pet is mandatory. Putting the image in the ad content along with the necessary description increases the change to retrieve the lost person/ pet. The ad can be placed both in Color or in Black & White format. These ads are little more expensive than the ads in simple text and are placed in the classified page of the newspaper under the heading “Lost & Found” or “Missing” based on the subject matter.
  • Display – When the advertisements are placed in any preferred pages of the newspaper, the ads are booked in Display format. Generally Missing advertisements are published in the Display format with a photograph of the missing person/pet with all the required description to find the person/pet back. The ads are published both in Color and Black & White hue and are very expensive in comparison with those classified ads.

Lost & Found / Missing Advertisement Booking Procedure:

  • Click on the Lost & Found Page  
  • Choose your preferred ad format (Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad or Display). You can select your preferred language and proceed to choose your newspaper.
  • Select your preferred newspaper and location
  • Enter your ad text (Classified Text) / upload your ad matter or edit existing template (Classified Display / Display). You can take the help of the sample ads/ sample templates to create your ad matter
  • Select your preferred publishing date
  • Preview your ad details
  • Register yourself
  • Upload your supporting document (scanned copy of FIR/ General Diary)
  • Select payment option (online or offline) 

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