Will Newspaper Advertisements Ever Rule The World?

Newspapers are one of the oldest mediums of advertising & it has the highest readership numbers among all kinds of media platforms exist today. If we look back, a few years ago, the process of booking newspaper advertisements was very difficult, expensive and Lengthy process. People had to visit the various publication houses to book their advertisements which was a time-consuming and hectic task along with that some advertisements take help from third parties popularly known as booking agents for placing the ads on their behalf. In Return  For booking the ads, the agents would charge an extra amount making the ad booking process much more expensive.

But in the year 2000 due to the development of online advertising booking platforms, this has made it a more easy & cost-effective process. Now Advertisers can book newspaper advertisements online through the ad booking sites, releaseMyAd India’s largest online ad booking portal It is the very first of its kind as it is a user friendly comprehensive, brought a revolution in the world of ad booking where you can easily book an in a variety of newspapers, radio, tv where you can book both classified ad & Display ad directly at lowest rates depending on Different category & size of Ad without any hassle.

Ads in Newspaper

India Being a developing country has more than 30% population that lives in rural areas where still internet will not be available which will be a big issue for online advertising so they have to rely on traditional way advertising in newspapers. 

As well as many people till now are not internet savvy so they find themselves comfortable with traditional ways of advertising.

The most important use of the traditional procedure of newspaper ad bookings is that categories like change of name, lost & found, Obituary advertisement is mandatory to be printed on newspapers & are not accepted in Online advertisement. 

And there are still many people who have a habit of reading newspapers every morning with bed tea so they will not depend on online advertisement.

Suppose even if the advertiser is from young generation knowing all the advantages of online booking but still they might not prefer online booking process over traditional process of advertisement, the main reason behind this is trust issue as they cannot see the online ad booking agency physically they might not trust them with their money to publish an ad.

Lastly, Some online Ad booking website provides instructions which seems too simple & easy to follow but for many advertisers who are willing to place an ad finds it complicated sometimes they might take help from customer care executive over a call or chat for assistance but even through after all the guidance provided they have to finish the Ad booking procedure mostly on their own which leads to drop the idea of online ad booking.

So after considering all the above points, it suggests In the age of digital media platforms, Newspapers would lose its charm to some extent. But this traditional advertising platform relevantly holds the position as the No. 1 choice among advertisers there.

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