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ads-in-sikkimBeing the first weekly English newspaper in Sikkim, “Sikkim Express” was launched in 1976 that turned into an innovator for the state. It began in the capital city, Gangtok, and transformed into a daily in 2003, which gave it an edge over different newspapers with goodwill among the readers.

If one had to consider of promoting in the newspaper in Sikkim, Sikkim Express would without a doubt come to the mind, being the most established English newspaper, with developing recognition, highest circulation and its dynamic appearance across the state. With the growing interest for this daily, Sikkim Express is the ideal medium for showcasing advertisements. After 36 years of incessant service from this newspaper, it has become a dependable source of news.  In spite of the fact that Sikkim Express only caters to one city, it targets all sections to achieve campaigning goals. Some of the ways it can be done are:

  • Sikkim Express Property: Selling property has never been easier! Do it now by booking property text ads in Sikkim Express. This highly noticed section of this newspaper draws the attention of buyers and sellers effortlessly, showing an immediate change for the real estate owner.
  • Sikkim Express Obituary: Obituary ads can be booked with special notes and photos of loved ones. Being an esteemed newspaper in the state capital, it becomes an emotive medium for people to show their affection.
  • Sikkim Express Jobs: Since the newspaper caters to all age groups, the youth keeps a lookout at the employment area in the newspaper. Advertising for jobs creates a pool of candidates for any opening an association.
  • Sikkim Express Personal: Wishing your loved ones on their birthdays, marriage anniversary, or any other occasion is now simplified through Personal ads.  For a small city like Gangtok, this section will prove to be very effective.

There are several other categories like automobiles, service, travel, astrology and so on, which assist advertisers to connect to the readers.

releaseMyAd, a Kolkata based company, specialises to advertise for all of the above, and helps the advertiser to open the window to the world. Being a storehouse of innovation, they help the client to customize the advertisement with their own content and favoured templates. The company helps small companies to come up with a plan of action to advertise efficiently, with budget limitations.

To book a Sikkim Express advertisement on, the following steps need to be followed:

  1.     Choose the type of ad – classified text, classified display or display ad.
  2.     Choose the ad category – matrimonial, recruitment, obituary, etc.
  3.     Select the location based edition of the newspaper.
  4.     Compose the advertisement, taking reference from sample ads.
  5.     Select the date for advertisement.
  6.     Clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

releaseMyAd serves to overcome all the issues of advertising, gives new ideas, and makes advertising for everyone a cake walk!If you want to place your Ads in Sikkim Express get in touch with us on 09830629298 or email us your requirements at


Author Bio: Hi! I am Simran Tantia.Finishing my high school in 2014, I started studying in Singapore for my Diploma and Bachelors. I am currently studying Marketing and Tourism from the University of Newcastle, Australia. My keen interest in writing was noticed by releaseMyAd and they gave me the great opportunity to work as their Intern. I thank them for providing me a great learning platform and an unforgettable experience!