Know how are the Telegraph Classified Ads are priced!

People often prefer English newspapers for placing classified ads especially in case of some categories such as business, education, matrimony, name change e.t.c. when they feel the requirement of placing it in some regional language newspaper, they choose both. But hardly someone choose a regional paper over an English language newspaper unless there is some specific requirement. Maybe that is because their is a preconceived notion that English-language newspapers are having a better readership quality and quantity. Having this belief, people often go for top English language newspapers and spends extra to place their ad. But let me tell you that smartness is not spending more, smartness is spending wisely. The Telegraph is also an English-language newspaper but it is very much cost-effective keeping the budget of the advertisers in mind. Less expensive doesn’t always mean less amount of circulation. The Telegraph has a huge circulation and readership in the East and North-East locations of India which will absolutely help you to reach your target group of readers.

The Telegraph classifieds have several categories for advertisement which includes Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Obituary, Public Notice, Change of Name, Business, Education, Remembrance, e.t.c.

The two options to choose your type of ad that The Telegraph classifieds give you are :

  • Classified Text Ad – These types of ads are simple text ads which come under classified section as per your choice. The ad appears in a particular classified page in the newspaper. It includes a variety of categories such as Matrimonials, Recruitment, Lost and found, Vehicles buying or selling, property ads, Change of Name ads and others.
  • Classified Display Ad – These types of ads are designed creative ads which come under classified section as per your choice. Ranging from a variety of categories such as Matrimonials, Recruitment, Lost and found, Vehicles buying or selling, property ads, Change of Name ads and other.

The Telegraph has set its rate chart keeping all it’s advertisers in mind and value their money. The classified ads rate starts from only Rs. 230/115 Chars, which is for Guwahati edition. For Kolkata Edition it costs Rs. 920/115 Chars. 

Telegraph Classified

The lowest rate for Classified display ad is only Rs.33/sqcm. for Ranchi edition. For Kolkata it costs Rs.273/sqcm. To get the entire rate chart of The Telegraph newspaper scroll down and click on the link provided.

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