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In India, marriage is much more than just the unification of two individuals.  It is not just a day-long ritual but it is a ceremony which involves months of planning and concoction until the final union. Unlike the west, arranged marriages are still in vogue in our country where the family looks for a suitable bride or groom instead of the individual themselves. The procedure is an elongated but an endearing one which Indians embrace with extreme enthusiasm. 

However the pursuit is not such an easy one when it comes to arranging the alliance. The families spread a word amongst friends and acquaintances for a potential bride/ groom, upload bio-datas on different matrimonial websites or put up a matrimonial ad in several newspapers. The most trusted medium since time immemorial has been the traditional newspaper matrimonial. 

Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

The merit of giving a newspaper matrimonial is that first, the reach is far and wide. It has and continues to be a reliable channel. Remote areas and the rural population find it easier to access a newspaper rather than a matrimonial website as they are not so technologically savvy. Furthermore, the older generation who takes the responsibility of finding the suitor are more bent towards reading newspapers, thus, making it an effective medium to escalate the message. 

It could also be said that newspaper matrimonials barely have any limitations or drawbacks. One gets to publish as well as extract any information they want regarding the wanted bride/ groom which includes details about the family, religion/caste, professional preference, age and even a description of the wanted partner. Contact details of the family come in handy in case one wants to respon and revert back to the matrimonial advertisement. It sure is an effective way to acquire a better half! 

If there’s a brainteaser regarding the entire process of matrimonial ads, it could be the challenge of getting an ad published. Many people do not opt for advertisement as they are not aware of the entire procedure. Is that your concern too? Here’s the solution. There are many ad booking agencies which will help you book your advertisement, one such is releaseMyAd. 

ReleaseMyAd is an online ad agency that gets you completely covered. From choosing any newspaper edition, rightly formulating and designing a matrimonial advertisement format for bride or groom, and select your prefered date of publication. Want the procedure? Here it is- 

  1. Click on this link to book a matrimonial ad.  
  2. Choose the language you would like to publish in. 
  3. Select the  desired newspaper and head to select the text or display ad option according to your preference. 
  4. Proceed with selecting the optimum package suiting your budget. (The website offers timely discounts as well) 
  5. Compose your advertisement by selecting a template and uploading your content. 
  6. Lastly, select the date, pay and get your ad published! 
  7. In case of an inquiry, call 09830629298 or email at

In case you are not comfortable booking the advertisement online yourself, the releaseMyAd executives will do it for you after understanding all your requirements and instructions. Call the helpline above to receive effective assistance. 

Don’t hesitate to book your matrimonial advertisements anymore as releaseMyAd is a trustworthy medium to get your ads published. It’s hassle free!


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