Know the benefits of advertising in the Assam Tribune- The Highest English Daily Newspaper in North-East India


The state of Assam is known as the Gateway to North-East India. Newspapers have always been the most influential & effective channel for advertising in North-East India. It is considered as the epitome of driving sales & creating awareness about the different brands and products.

The Assam Tribune is the highest English Daily Newspapers of North-East India & the oldest publishing house of the North-East Region. The newspaper has a huge readership with its wide reach in terms of high circulation & reliability of the content. It has a circulation of over 7, 00,000 lakh copies of current circulation and a readership of over 3 million. It has witnessed a continued positive growth over the years. The high quality of news with authenticity and good analysis has earned the faith of the public & a habit of the people of Assam.

So advertisers planning to promote their brands & services through newspaper advertising in the North East region must include Assam Tribune in their media plan for an effective response. The Assam Tribune Classified Ads caters to the advertisers’ need of publishing their adverts according to their convenient time and budget. Gone are the days when the classifieds had to be booked manually standing in long queues. With technological advancements, firms have come up with online booking portals that let you book your advertisements within a few clicks.

Assam Tribune Classified

The advertisements in the Assam Tribune are divided under three sections. The Assam Tribune Classified Texts Ads are run on simple texts, words or lines. One of the advantages of booking classified text ads is its low cost as compared to other forms of advertising. These help small and medium enterprises to advertise their products and services to the target audience without overspending a huge amount. The Classified Text ads in the Assam Tribune are short, simple and easy to read. They provide the required information in few lines. The Classified Display Ads of Assam Tribune are a little costlier than the classified texts and is charged per column. Advertisers who wish to provide more information like company logo and images about their products & services can opt for this format. Finally, the Display ads of Assam Tribune are the most visually captivating. They can vary in sizes and can appear on any page of the newspaper.

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