Here’s how Nykaa leverages offline media to engage its customer base

Nykaa is a premier online platform for beauty and wellness products. Sourced directly from the brands, Nykaa manages to bring it under a single branch. It has emerged as one of the frontrunners in the segment of online beauty and wellness products. It offers lucrative deals to the customers and captures the collective attention of its target audience. However, in the recent past, Nykaa has gone ahead with some new endeavors, including the launch of their own, Private Label and Beauty Services.

We spoke to Nandita Mahadevia, Manager-Marketing of Nykaa to understand her insights on the advertising and marketing strategies of the brand. Here are some snippets of her conversation with her: 

  1. What are the most critical factors to consider when selecting a medium to advertise, be it radio or print?

Print media or hoardings provide the maximum visibility to any brand. When glancing over an advertisement in these mediums the recall value is high. An attractive and eye-catching advertising campaign creates an impression on viewers thereby translating into successful sales.

  1. Given that Nykaa has already leveraged online media, how does offline marketing compliment your online activities?

One cannot ignore the power of print especially in an economy like India where a huge chunk of the population is not yet online. To tap into that audience it is imperative to engage in offline marketing activities along with active online presence. With the constant evolution of Nykaa, it has become important for us to extend our marketing strategy to offline activation, that will allow the Nykaa consumer to be more deeply involved with our journey as a brand, and at the same time, engage with us in a more tangible fashion.

3. How has releaseMyAd helped you in optimizing your media spend?

releaseMyAd has provided Nykaa with the best competitive rates in the industry. They have always managed in providing us with the best visibility in our allocated budget.