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Are you stuck deciding which media platform to choose for promoting your business? Or have you got your product ready and just finding a suitable way to market that to the right audience? Then this article might help you to outline the possible ways through which you can successfully promote your product. We know how difficult it is to choose a particular medium as several factors are associated with that decision. I have seen many people who just look only at the ‘advertisement cost’ and the ‘reach’ and then dive in, but there is something more to it that people often miss out that is the effectiveness or outcome of their ad campaign.Ads on Newspaper

So before you plan how to channelize your message you need to know that there are certain things that have an immense impact on your campaign. Often the success of your ad campaign depends on the medium you choose. Also, you have to categorise which set of audience you want to reach out and does that medium has any influence on your target group? Once you figure out this it will be easier for you to choose the best suitable medium for advertising. Who doesn’t want to advertise at lowest rates among the large section of the population? Of course, every advertiser wants! This helps to garner more response and recognition in the target market.

Many media vehicles are there in the market which has vast reach but that doesn’t help every advertiser. Their high advertising charges make it less approachable for the small businesses or startups.  So here the newspaper advertising comes in! Newspaper ads are the most common and cost-effective medium of advertising so you can choose this medium blindly to reach out to your target groups.

In newspapers, advertisers can book ads in four different formats. So before you decide which format to use to advertise in the newspaper, you need to know the different types of newspaper advertising:

  • Classifieds– Classifieds are the most basic format of advertising. In general, the small companies and individual advertisers get the more benefit out of it. You can book classified ads in two formats one is classified text and the second one is classified display. Classified texts are the simple text ads where advertisers can write the description of their offerings along with their contact details. Whereas in CDs or classified displays advertisers can add graphics or images to grab the attention of the target audience.
  • Display ads– Display ads are bigger than CDs in terms of ad sizes. They come in different specifications and it can be placed on any page according to the preference of the advertiser.
  • Ad innovations– you can book a quarter, half page or full page ads in newspapers to attract the target readers. Usually big brands and large companies use different ad innovations to get more customers and highlight their brand among the target audience.
  • Advertorials– with advertorials you can weave a story around your brand to make it more appealing and desirable to your target audience. You can customise your advertorial in different ad sizes and you can place it on any page or any particular page.

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