Why is Malayalam infotainment, Amrita TV your perfect brand partner?


Promoting your brand through advertisements on Amrita TV is a novel idea. It is the only 24 hour Malayalam GEC that imparts news. The channel launched in 2005, is a free-to-air TV channel with exceptionally researched programs that captivate audiences worldwide. Amrita TV promotes the authentic culture of Kerala through its various fiction and nonfiction shows. Its news programs set out a platform from where audiences can glimpse the happenings in the whole wide world around them.

Amrita TV is a true “infotainment” TV channel with a variety of programs for all age groups. It has the only dance show for children Under 15 years of age on Malayalam televisions. Super Dancer Junior is the only show in the dance reality show genre and generates maximum TVRs (television ratings). Super Dancer Junior claims the largest channel share at its designated hour.Amrita TV Advertisement

Placing your brand at this hour is certainly going to reach half of Kerala!

Amrita TV connects with both male and female audiences in 15-55 age groups undermining the socio-economic factors. Although the news programs have always been categorised as a male audience dominated presentations, the half-hourly Spot News on Amrita TV is extremely popular across both genders. It is reported to have recorded ratings as high as 700 TVRs.

Thus, advertisements on Amrita TV take your brand to a variety of audience demographics.

The popularity of Amrita TV News Bulletins is evident by the No.1 spot the channel commands for its News programs at certain hours.

The channel has also introduced Super Star on the lines of Indian Idol. The format of the show has been suitably modified to tickle the Malayali senses. Every season, Super Star is able to stir a winning wave for Amrita TV to propel itself to the No.1 spot.

With various other innovative shows that have emerged as winners in the TRP game, Amrita TV is your best advertising partner. You can reach the Malayalam speaking population with advertisements on Amrita TV beyond Kerala and the borders of India.

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