Advertise in Zee Studio to Reach The Youth


With globalisation making its entry in India at the end of the 20th century, a lot of changes have followed, the pattern of entertainment being one of them. English films are not limited to the elite class anymore if anything at all, English movies in specific genres have become products of mass consumption. The youth having gained a lot of exposure early on have their mind shaped to be culturally flexible. Nowadays children and young adults between 12-25 years of age have their interests and likes spread out across various categories of entertainment for most of which quality content is imperative. Zee Studios recognising this and having a chunk of their viewership driven by the youth revamped their brand image to become the pioneer in quality all round entertainment.

Their fresh image comes with the tagline of “See It All”. To elaborate on this, Zee Studio wants to make Hollywood tangible for its viewers by playing on its key strengths like “larger than life” movie plots, A-list celebrities, famous characters, all roped in to create a dynamic atmosphere that will make the viewer live the movie experience like none other.Advertising on Zee Studio Channel

By sprucing up their library with new, engaging movies covering categories like action, comedy, drama, etc, Zee Studio has launched an entirely new set of content to appeal to the tech-savvy generation. Movies like Transformer: Age of The Dark Moon, Shrek Forever After, Kung Fu Panda 2, Avengers, The Fighter are all high on entertainment value, providing rich, action-packed engaging content which has the capability of enthralling young and old alike.

Moreover, Zee Studio has gone a step further by taking to the digital platform in order to reach the natives of tech town, who are their primary target in terms of viewership. With their #TweetYourFlick campaign, Zee Studio essentially allowed their viewers to vote for their choice of movie from two given options. Along with special promos, a 3-day online campaign was carried out to get the community buzzing. #TwitterElectionsComingSoon started trending in the Twitter community to generate curiosity. With catchy content shared around the themes of the movies, the digital campaign turned out to be a hit with more than 1500 votes cast in 8 days.

#TweetYourFlick turned out to be a good move to strengthen the bond with the online community. Thus, Zee Studio with its sleek packaging, revamped content, and innovative digital campaigns has managed to establish itself as a platform for authentic new generation entertainment.

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