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timesofindia-website-ads is the largest online platform for advertisers to promote their business/idea/event.The website has high traffic on its website and is seen to reach out to over 33% Indians online.It is a news and information driven website focusing on indian and global topics like politics,current affairs,science,technology,sports,cricket, entertainment,bollywood,business,technology,science,health & fitness.It is highly known for its innovative and impactful tailored messaging across its channels.Through this platform advertisers could reach their perfect market niches.Their ad formats works across web as well as mobile.
Companies are extensively enhancing their digital spend and this brings in a need of better solutions to advertisers to help them get most of their digital ad investments.So,the largest internet property in India has brought up some unique advertising solutions for advertisers to get maximum returns on their investment.

Here are 3 multiplier forces of

  • Audience Targeting:The helps you clearly define -who do you want to show your Ad.It allows you to clearly segment your target audience ,helping you target a specific Ad message to a particular visitor segment.So if you want to target the youth of Mumbai,thats possible on this portal.
  • Rich Media Targeting:The platforms helps advertisers to place innovation and banner ads with rich media.It helps you captivate the visitors mind with extremely rich and engaging ads with dynamic features.This helps in improving conversion and lead quality.It does not only help you to attract and sustain viewers’ attention but also engages in converting the lead.
  • Best Returns on investment:Your Ad spend will be put to optimal use ,helping you get maximum ROI.Your Ad is shown to the exact demographic and geographic segment ,saving you from all wastage of irrelevant viewers.The CPM that you pay would truly yield you maximum results.

releaseMyAd helps businesses to buy inventory from this group’s digital properties which accounts for over 50 million unique visitors.All digital inventory of can now be purchased through is the leading website with an extensive monthly visitors of over 250 million page views.Its the first choice of every advertiser but it usually leads to dissatisfaction among them because of the following reasons:
-Advertisers are unable to see their ads most of the times.
-Advertiser is clueless about his ad placement and positioning.
-It leads to large ad spend with lot of irrelevant views.

The main cause of this fretting is “non-guaranteed” display advertising.Non-guaranteed display advertising refers to an ad inventory sold without a network engagement about the viewership count.Let us tell you why your non-guaranteed display ads are not performing well:
-At the server level these ads fall under low priority
-It is a close alternative and less denounced appellation for surplus inventory.
-Surplus inventory are sold to ad networks and they again resell the spaces a marginal CPM/CPC.Its not a direct deal with the property holder.
-It works only for advertisers who want advertise relentlessly with no specific time frame in mind.

Here’s guaranteed display advertising solutions on via releaseMyAd:
-Utmost transparency.You know where and when your Ads will appear.
-We help you access direct inventory of the website portals.
-Alluring ad creatives.
-Frequent reporting of your campaign performance.
-You are not required to bid to show up on
-Two ad solutions:banner ads and innovative banner ads.
-Simplified Ad Booking process.

Now you can easily book your guaranteed advertisement space book-ad-in-timesofindia.comin in the following way:

  1. Visit page on our website
  2. Select the ad format:-
    Banner Ad :
    The banner advertisement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or of a multimedia object.It can be static or animated, depending on the technology used to make them.Banner ads are charged based on cost per impression(CPM) model.
    Innovative Banner Ad:
    Innovations are referred to the usage of rich media(.flash,.swf) in website advertising.Innovations usually incur a fixed day cost.Innovation in your rich Media unit means new, fresh, and smart and eye-catching concepts that are integrated in in the ad unit in a way that will get the users attention.
  3. Select where you want your Ads to appear:Mobile or Web,Home Page or Sectional pages and ad size as desired
  4. Select the targeted number of viewers you wish to have,your campaign tenure and geographies that you want to target.
  5. Provide ad creative details.You can upload the ad creatives in prescribed format or share the ad message with us to get great ad creatives developed through us.
  6. Select Date,preview ad details and make payment
  7. Once you clear payment your Ad get LIVE on the scheduled day

If you want to advertise on get in touch with us.Our experts will help you in booking,planning and executing your website advertising campaign.You can directly get in touch with us at or 09830688443.