An overview of Full Service Ad Agencies

Full Service Advertising Agency

Full Service Advertising Agency offers a detailed list of services to its clients that cover every facet of advertising starting from media planning to releasing the actual advertisement to media selection to public relations and organizing events. It is a one-stop answer to all of client’s marketing needs. Increasingly full service agencies are also adding a digital component to their offering where they provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, digital marketing including social media, content and mobile marketing. Their functions are diverse and finding a good full service ad agency is not easy, however one that has carved out a name for itself through quality work in the Indian marketing world is the Delhi based releaseMyAd.

Full Service Agency

Even a layman who never had the need to hire a marketer must have understood by now that full service ad agencies offer a series of benefits over other agencies simply because of the breadth of services it offers. So let’s list the chief advantages of a full service ad agency:

  1. Cost-Effective – What’s the first thought that crosses the mind of every employee; the BOD, the manager, the intern, in every organization across countries and industries when taking any important business decision, is the cost worth the benefit? General consumers also wonder the exact same thing while buying any product or service whether the steep price tag is counteracted by the benefits it gives. Now that I had established we are all looking for cost-effective solutions, one can understand how interesting a proposition full-service ad agencies present to organizations. Instead of hiring a bunch of separate agencies for every individual marketing activity which would have cost more, full service ad agencies reduce cost considerably by performing all the functions under the same roof and thus achieving economies of scale which ultimately helps the client.

    Full Service Agencies are economical
  2. Consistent Branding – Any advertiser wants its brand name to be synonymous with its product personality. Apple had been synonymous with innovation while in the Indian market Maggi had been synonymous with the low time span it takes to cook the noodles. For any brand to develop loyalty it is important to maintain a consistency about itself, if that’s not present the consumer ends up getting confused with what the brand represents. Hence it’s not surprising to see full service agencies being so popular with companies, as they help to maintain a consistency in the marketing plan, as all aspects of the campaign are framed with a level of coordination that couldn’t have been achieved if more than one agency was working on it.

    Full service Agency helps to keep Brands consistent

But even full service advertising agency had got some major disadvantages which are as follows:

  1. Limited Focus – No organization can be the best at everything it does and full service agencies are no exception. Though they might offer a comprehensive service list, its focus is mainly on doing a couple of them. Some may flourish at performing the creative services while others expertise might lie with digital marketing. The best creative experts might feel more comfortable joining smaller creative boutiques because of their exclusive focus on what they do. So full service agencies might not necessarily have the best talent at their disposal nor understand the working of every industry they work in. In those cases it might be better to hire niche agencies rather than full service ones.

    Disadvantages of full service agency
  2. Limited Control – Most advertising agencies usually work on the brief provided by the companies and once that is provided the clients have minimal control over the direction, the marketing campaign takes. Though the ad agency is sure to conduct marketing research, its understanding of the brand might not coincide with the company’s viewpoint. Some advertisers may not be comfortable with this arrangement and hence may be discouraged to approach full service ad agencies.

    The question companies have to ask themselves

Ultimately whether a company hires a full service ad agency depends on whether if it’s comfortable with the trade-off between the control and the low cost, the industry it targets and the needs and objectives of an organization. There is not any concrete answer as to whether a full service agency should be preferred and the answer may vary considerably from one situation to another even for the same company.

As mentioned before an Indian ad agency which is making great strides is releaseMyAd. It has already become the premier ad agency in Delhi offering a large variety of services such as media planning, media buying and creative designing among others. It offers ad booking over a variety of mediums like newspaper, radio and cinema. To book ads in Delhi across any medium you may email or you can also call 09830629298.