Promote your business on Hit 95 FM at the best rates only via releaMyAd


hit-fm-commercialsWhich is the ruling radio station of Delhi? Without a second thought, the answer would be Hit 95 FM!
Clear Media’s Hit Fm is one radio station which plays only in Delhi NCR region and still manages to be a winner with the radio listeners there. The fact that it has all its programmes broadcasted in the English language hasn’t dampened its popularity.
So what else makes it different from the other radio stations operating there?

  • All of its programmes run with a high consumer engaging content.
  • Regular fun contests are played matching with the spirit of the Delhites.
  • Its stronghold in the market, mostly dictated by the youth listeners.

If these reasons aren’t enough, Its capability to take your brand value notches higher and its strong impact on its target audience ensuring a strong recall value ,is convincing enough to make any advertiser chose Hit FM as their platform to launch their campaign.

releaseMyAd takes the whole experience of advertising on Hit Fm to a new level. It not only provides you with the best expert assistance but also the most cost-effective rates.
It enables advertisers to set up and pay for a radio campaign online in a few simple steps!

  •  STEP 1

Visit Hit FM Page and select Delhi to view the rates . You can then select a media plan and time slot which meets your requirements.delhi-hit-fm
-The rate depends on the media plan selected which is a combination of the Ad duration and the Ad frequency.
AD DURATION is the time period for which a particular advertisement will be on air , whereas, AD FREQUENCY determines the number of times the target audience will be exposed to the radio advertisement.
The base rate of Advertising on Hit FM is Rs.600 Per ten seconds.
According to the reach, business objectives and budget, an advertiser is free to design his media plan.

-The media plan will vary as given:

QUICK BURST 7 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day
SUPER BURST 15 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day
EFFECTIVE REACH 30 Days 15 seconds 7 spots/day
  •  STEP 2select-date-and-time

Confirm your radio station, the time slots, and the ad dates.
You can view the programme which is scheduled during your selected time slot, and decide accordingly. Also confirm your campaign tenure, ad duration, ad frequency and the START DATES for the broadcast.

  •  STEP 3radio-ad-live


Make payment and hear your ad GO LIVE in the next 7 days!

Apart from Media planning, releaseMyAd provides creative development and advertisement consultancy services too!
releaseMyAd designs you the perfect campaign which not only compliments your business but helps you achieve your purpose to advertise!

In case of any queries , feel free to contact 09830688443. Alternatively, you can also email your requirements on and we will get back to you.