Some rules, pointers and sample ads for booking matrimonial ads


Booking of newspaper matrimonial ads must be done in a particular style, they must be coined in such a way that generates maximum response if you have ever seen a classified matrimonial sheet, say the Times matrimonial which is published as a special supplement on Sundays, you must have noticed how more than 50 ads are clumped together on one sheet of paper. This means that classified matrimonial advertisements are created with the help of some standardised abbreviations, some patent terms; and to make them more visible or responsive, you can take resort to logos, images, ticks, and bold letters. But the basic essence of it remains the same. So taking a look at the sample ads, and a cursory reading of the content of matrimonial ads will give you a very good idea of how to make your own newspaper matrimonial classified ad. An archetypal matrimonial classified text ad (“Wanted Bride”) looks somewhat like this:matrimonial-services

SM4 very beautiful Goan Christian girl 20.01.86, 5’2″ msc biotech pursuing phd, wkng Mumbai. Mob 094512*****

As is evident from the example above, you will required to give a few mandatory details that you consider as important in a marriage partner for your progeny:

  • Religion/ caste
  • Manglik (usually specified in case of brides)
  • Age and height
  • Educational qualifications
  • Current working status
  • Income (in case of men mainly)
  • Personal information about the prospective bride or groom: age, complexion, health, personality, background, family.
  • Horoscope(optional)
  • Contact number(must)
  • Any other miscellaneous details that would like to know or share.

Also seen in the above example are some abbreviations that are prudently used by advertisers because the cost of an ad is calculated based on the number of words and lines it comprises. The popular standardised acronyms used in most of the leading English dailies while publishing matrimonial ads include a few of the following examples:

  • Years(s)-yr(s)
  • august- aug
  • Approximately- approx
  • available- avl
  • Bangalore- B’lore
  • established-estd
  • department- dept
  • BHP- Biodata/ horoscope/ photograph
  • LPA- lakh per annum
  • NRI- Non Resident Indian
  • Working- wrkg
  • vegetarian- veg


The type of ad depends on your budget. Some of the most popular templates and formats for composing a matrimonial ad in the newspapers include:

  • Classified Text Ad: They are economical as they are calculated in terms of the number of words. They consist of simple running text, and can be accentuated by a bold font, or ticks or logos.
  • Classified Display Ad: They have an enhanced visibility because of their ability to be highlighted with a certain colour or extra bold font. But they are also most expensive, their cost being calculated on the basis of area per square cm.

Keep browsing through our sample ads to know more about how to properly book an optimum matrimonial ad for the newspapers. For further details, contact us at 9830629298.