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Despite the turn of the millennium spurring change in many aspects of the Indian’s life, there are few of them that are yet to be touched by the far reaching hands of the newly formed global village. India has a proud history of culture and tradition that is still ingrained very deeply in our society, and there are few customs that are still practiced, albeit in a modernized fashion. Traditionally, the concept of marriage is considered to be holy, as it is in most cultures, but there are specific nuances involving marriage that are alien to most other civilizations.

          times-matrimonial1      Although arranged marriages are common in other civilizations, there are specific aspects in Indian culture that set it apart from the rest. The process involves the parents/guardians finding a suitable match for their son/daughter/beneficiary, after which they contact the other party, and if their interests match, an astrologer is consulted, who examines the astral compatibility of the to-be couple, and if all goes well, the marriage given the go-ahead.

                In the olden days, finding a suitable match was a challenge, and mostly carried out by word of mouth. However, with the advent of technology, there are now surer ways of finding matches. I’m referring to classified matrimonial advertisements in newspapers. An approximate 14 crore people read the top 25 newspapers in India. There are many more local newspapers that exist, and they all offer the services of classifieds.

                Classified advertisements are short, precise messages/enquiries that appear in a section that is set aside for these types of ads in all newspapers. The Classified segment features various ads such as Matrimonial ads, Public Notices and Tenders, Job requirement ads, Missing People notifications, Obituaries and Remembrances, ads about the buying, selling, leasing or renting property, or any public announcements like the change in name or address of an individual or an organization. There are certain other ads also, but these are among the most common ones.matrimonial-services

             A distinctive feature of classified advertisements is the precision with which they are composed. For example, a typical matrimonial advertisement will ideally feature the name of the to-be bride/groom, followed by their age and a short physical description, the ethnicity, their educational qualifications, their current professional status, and in, some cases the salary and caste is also mentioned. Finally, a contact number or e-mail address is provided to urge interested parties to get in touch with the advertisers.

                Classified ads have gained immense popularity in India due to their affordable rates, which make them available to anyone who has an advertisement they want to publish. They also require no expertise in designing or composing the messages. Most classified ads which aren’t tenders are composed in short broken sentences whose primary objective is to get a message across.

                It is often a hassle for most people to rush to an ad agency and wait in line and book and ad, so releaseMyAd, an ad agency based in Kolkata has come up with a novel implementation that allows you to book your ads online, in the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do to book a matrimonial ad in the newspaper of your choice is to follow 3 simple steps and you can have your ad published in almost any city in India.