Sample Hindu Obituary Ads – Where and Why should you get them?

Hindu Obituary Ads
Hindu Obituary Ads

Life on earth is ephemeral, yet it is something to be cherished. We strive to fill our lives with good deeds, adventures, accomplishments, relationships, and emotional attachments. And these are the things that continue to live on, even after our death. Our friends, relatives, our well-wishers and near and dear ones keep us in their minds and hearts forever.

We, human beings have different mechanisms to deal with our grief. Obituary and remembrance advertisements are one of the primary means of paying our homage to the departed soul. On that note, Hindu obituary ads are one of the leading options people choose to pay their last tribute to their loved one. An obituary ad published in one of the most respectable and prestigious newspapers in the country, speaks volumes about the respect that the deceased person commands and ensures a wide reach of the bad news. It helps people who had once known the deceased to learn about the terrible news. Obituary ads sometimes come with an invitation to the memorial service of the departed, which can be attended by anyone who has seen the ad and knows the deceased.

Hindu obituary ads can be booked via ReleaseMyAd, which facilitates an instant online booking without any delay. You can select your newspaper and edition of your choice, the category as Obituary and proceed onto booking the ad by composing it with the help of our sample ads. Sample ads, both text and display classified are available on our website galore. A quintessential sample ad for obituary messages must include the name, and preferable a picture of the deceased along with the heartfelt message rounded off by the void left in your life caused by the death. The message should finally be signed off by the close relatives whom the death has affected the most. Some examples of sample obituary ads that might help you with the designing and composing your ad, are as follows:

  • Lakshmi, 84 years w/o Late Prof V.N.SADHASIVA RAO, expired on 16th July, Ranjani & Kalyan, NLC, Neyveli. Ph: 983******6
  • (Mrs) Chitra Jot (28/03/1930 – 12/07/2014) has left for her heavenly abode. Deeply mourned by her daughters, Dr Chandrima (Jot) Roy, Sanjukta Das, Soma Majumdar.
  • Keith Edward Samuels Aged 77, left for his heavenly abode on 12th June 2014. Mourned by his wife: Muriel, sons: Clinton, Kenneth; daughter: Maria, grandchildren, relatives and friends.

    Obituary Ads in Hindu Newspaper
    Obituary Ads in Hindu Newspaper

Such sample ads are available on our sample ads page. But for accessing the hindu obotuary sample ads specifically, you will be required to choose your newspaper, and start composing the ad, during which you will be aided by plenty of sample ads. Not only that, but there is an online tutorial video that will help you with the process of booking your ad. A text ad is less expensive as compared to a display ad, but the latter has more visibility. While the former is priced according to the number of lines or words it contains, the cost of a display ad is calculated on the basis of the area per square cm it occupies. Thus Hindu obituary ads serve as a vent for your grief and last respects you want to pay to our departed loved one.