Will the Convergence of Radio & Social Media Prove to be Beneficial?


Whatever has a personal appeal, majority of people are driven towards the same. Don’t you think so? The main reason behind this is that when the approach made touches the heart, the effect is much more than the impact of a strictly professional appeal.

Hence, most of the mediums try to make their approach more personal mainly for advertising brands and their products and services. Since early non-technological days to current techie era, Radio has played a very vital role. Not only does it provide a very touchy approach, but it also makes sure to make its advertisements and entertainment effective for the advertisers and the public respectively.

Well all the mediums make a good attempt to keep the language and content of the advertisements and other programmes personal to an extent. However, social media has emerged as one of the mediums with extensively personal appeal. The consumers are always in search of media that could provide them a friendly comfort. Radio and social media both offer a familiar comfort to the audiences and it has been observed nowadays that most of the people are either found online or on air.

How productive will it be to combine Radio and Social Media?

In case of radios, a person is free to choose his preferred radio station whether he is at home, in car or his workplace. So far as Facebook, Twitter and social networking websites are concerned, people can access them either through their PC or their mobile devices. Such accessibility is quite hard to be found in TV and Print mediums. The social media networking has proved to be quite effective for entrepreneurs and also individuals associated with any kind of business and promotion activity.social-media

In fact, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become a platform where people keep on updating their status. Whether they are happy, sad, heart-broken, have healthy relationship, all kinds of personal feelings and expressions, they try to update on their social networks. This way even others get to know what’s going on in the life of the one they are friends with. According to recent surveys, it has been concluded that a large group of people listen to radio while being on the social networks. In fact, you will find many updates saying “Name of Radio Station…I am listening to the Song’s Name”.

On the social networking sites, it has been found that several page likes come from musicians and they have a great network online. Several advertisers are there who desire to get measurable results to figure out how effective their ads are on radios. Social media emerges as one of the best daises to measure the effectiveness of a radio advert. In short, combining radio and social media together will help several advertisers and business people to acquire a competitive position in this competitive business scenario.