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Travel Classified text advertisement

Ever thought of advertising your travel agency or promoting the new and attractive holiday travel package??

Well, as everyone is aware, people love holidays and travelling is a way to escape the daily monotonous routine of life, barring a few who travel for work purposes. But even then at the time of travelling people either enjoy some much needed alone time or spend some precious moments with their loved ones. Travel agencies, holiday tours and packages etc are the medium through which people can leave all the worries about travelling and only enjoy the travelling period.

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Several Corporate companies and families are always on the lookout for agents and agencies that would organise professional or personal tours for them as per their convenience. These agents and agencies need a trusted platform to promote themselves and several travel offers to reach out to their target audience. Newspapers provide the ideal

Display Travel advertising in newspaper

platform for such promotions as it appeals to a large number and section of people across the country, depending on the newspaper you choose and the readers you want to reach out to.

Newspaper advertising has been simplified by ReleaseMyAd, by enabling you to book ads online. We always intend to make your newspaper ad booking experience as simple as possible as well as hassle free and this is exactly why ReleaseMyAd has incorporated the new Travel newspaper ads booking page. You can now just simply select the newspaper you want your ad to appear in from the list of Newspaper icons and directly proceed with the booking of your travel advert.

There are different ad types also available under which you can release the advertisement. These ad types are Classified Text Ads, Classified Display ads and Display ads and can be selected for travel advertising as per your requirements and advertising budget.

If you are promoting your Travel ventures for the first time, you can take the help of our Travel Sample ads to compose our own advertisement to appear under the Travel section. Also know that different ad types are charged on different conditions, for example, Text or run-on line ads are charged in the basis of lines/words/characters used in the ad, display classified and display ads are charged based on the length and width of the ad calculated in unit. While classified ads are subject to specific pages dedicated to classified advertising by the newspaper, display ads can be published on any page as per the preference of the advertiser as the charges vary based on page preferences.

Classified Display Travel advertising at releasemyad

To book your Travel advertisement in the most highly circulated newspapers in region as preferred by you, simply follow the steps mentioned here:

  1. Pick the Newspaper of your choice directly from the newspaper icons or select Classified Text, Classified Display or Display from the ad types and then choose the edition or package to move forward with the booking
  2. Next, you can compose the advertisement or upload the ad design on the Compose Ad page with the help of Sample Travel ads, ad enhancers or predesigned templates and review the same with the Live Ad Preview Feature
  3. Last but not the least, please confirm the ad release dates and clear the payments for the same in the Make Payment section

You can clear your ad payments through the online or offline payment mediums incorporated by releaseMyAd to assist you with the payment clearance as per your convenience. The payment modes are as follows:

ReleaseMyAd Travel Ads Booking page

-Offline Mediums

Demand Draft

Cheque Deposits

Cash Transfer/Deposit

Cash Collection



-Online Modes

Credit/Debit Cards

Net Banking

NEFT (Online Wire Transfer)

As soon as your payment for the advert is received, we will provide you with an invoice including all the ad booking details as a confirmation that your ad booking is complete and it is due to be released on the dates specified by you.

In case of any more queries on Travel ad booking, you can visit the Travel Question and Answer Forum.