Booking Public Notices and Tender ads in any Indian Newspaper, simplified with ReleaseMyAd

Public Notice in Newspaper

Announcing Public Notices and Tender quotations are mainly for the sole purpose of intimating a large audience about the major government and private Business and legal changes. Public Notices are about new legal developments and important public intimations about railways, government bills, municipality rules and regulations updates, announcing government job entrance exams and also changes in tax structures. Tender adverts include filing tender quotations for new business or company takeovers by the government as well as private organizations.

newspaper-tender-adsThe types of advertisements under this section are published due to obligation and are often simple black and Public Notice and Tender Classified Display Ads and Notice and Tender Display adverts.

Along with such booking tips we also provide you with Public Notice and Tender Sample Ads to help you compose your own announcements. You can book your advert in your preferred newspaper directly by selecting the newspaper from among the Newspaper icons provided.

In order to begin booking your Notice or Tender advert, all you need to do is follow 3 simple steps mentioned here:

Public Notice Display Ads
  1. Select your ad type as Display Classified or Display or simply pick the Newspaper preferred by you from the icons to proceed to the next step
  2. In the next step, i.e. in the Compose Ad page, you can create & modify your advert or simply upload your own ad design in PDF/JPEG/TIFF/EPS format and preview it through our exclusive Live Ad preview Feature
  3. In the last step which is the Make Payment section, you must confirm the ad release dates and clear the payments through our online or offline payment mediums
releaseMyAd Notice and Tender Ads

At ReleaseMyAd, which is India’s largest and leading online newspaper ad booking agency, we provide you with several mediums to help you clear the ad booking payment. You can pay as per your convenience through Credit/Debit Card, via Net Banking or NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) which are our online mediums. If you are making an offline payment then you can clear it via Cheque or Demand Draft, through Cash Deposit, Cash Transfer or even Cash Collection. While booking the ad, please ensure that the entire booking process is completed at least 2-3 days in advance.

After your ad is booked with us, you’ll receive an invoice with all the ad booking details confirming that your ad is due to be released on the dates selected by you. For any more queries with booking Public Notice and Tender advertisements in newspaper, please visit the Public Notice & Tenders FAQ section on ReleaseMyAd question and answer Forum.