How are Loksatta Classified ads priced!


Classified ads are the most widely booked ads in the newspaper because of its simplicity and cost effectiveness. Loksatta has a separate page for classified ads where ads are distinguished into different columns based on the type of ad. These ads can be put up in Marathi as well as English as per your choice.

Loksatta Classified Ad

If you are wondering about  Loksatta newspaper advertising rates you need to choose the category from among various categories available, then you can get a clear picture of the cost.

Categories of classified ads:

Various Categories available for booking are Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Services, business, Personal, Vehicle, Announcement, Tenders, Travels, Wedding Arrangement, Public Notice, Court Notice, Share Certificate, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Remembrance, Astrology, Obituary, Retailers, Computers and others.

How are ads priced?

Classifieds are of two types, Classified Text and Classified Display ads

While classified text ads are simple running lines that can be booked under any category. These ads are the most economical when compared to any other type. For  Loksatta classified ad cost you are charged on the number of words in your, minimum charge for 20 words are to be borne. Each word in extra than 20 words is charged at a different rate.

Classified Display ads are charged based on the area they occupy. However per sq rate is fixed. You can book this type of ad in single as well as multi column. These ads are designed by professionals, a picture or logo can also be added. To get your ad designed free of cost you can reach releaseMyAd an online authorised agent for loksatta ad booking.

Classified Display Ads in Loksatta Newspaper

You can just decide the type of ad and the category in which you want to book the ad and then you can book the ad in a simple 3 step process. The cost of advertising in Loksatta is cheapest when booked to releaseMyAd.

  • Click on the link and select the ad category from the various categories available, select the type of ad and city edition or package that you want to book in.
  • Compose the ad by typing the ad matter or in case of CD put up a pre designed template if any or put the matter and releaseMyAd will design it for you.
  • Select the dates and make the payment.

Through releaseMyAd you can book your Loksatta Classified ad online with just a few clicks and in the most cost effective way. If struck at any step you can call our executive who can book the ad for you, please contact at +91 9830629298. releaseMyAd has served over 3 Lakh customers and has a PAN India certification, therefore, you can trust us through the entire process.