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If you are looking to book your classified ads in Dainik Jagran  then look no further as you can book ads in any category through our classified booking service.Dainik Jagran  is undoubtedly the one of the best being &  most widely read &.circulated Hindi newspaper in India .If you want to book classifieds then find out the packages & insertion offers for various categories in Dainik Jagran.

There are various schemes for booking classifieds in Dainik Jagran .Here are exclusive packages & insertions for Dainik Jagran which are

  • For Matrimonials  Focus Day(s) : Sunday
    • Dainik Jagran ( All Editions + Nai Dunia) – Matrimonial Special Package -Rs.3105/25 Words (82% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (UP +Uttranchal + Nai Dunia) – Rs.8385 Rs.2800/25 Words (67% Off)

Insertion:No Package Available For This Selection.

  • For Property Focus Day(s) : All Days
  • For Recruitment  Focus Day(s) : All Days
    • Dainik Jagran (Delhi + NCR+ Haryana ) -Rs.1594/25 Words (22% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (All Bihar) – Rs.1740 Rs.580/25 Words (67% Off)
    • Dainik Jagaran (All Jharkhand) – Rs.2565 Rs.487/25 Words (81% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (All Bihar & Jharkhand) – Rs.3792 Rs.725/25 Words (81% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (All Bihar,Jharkhand & West Bengal) – Rs.5178 Rs.808/25 Words (84% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (All Haryana) – Rs.1388 Rs.694/25 Words (50% Off)
    • Dainik Jagran (Delhi+NCR) – – For Rs.1346/25 Words

Insertion:No Package Available For This Selection.