Name Correction: Classified Ad in Newspaper for Accurate Identification


A person’s name is their identity. As Dale Carnegie once famously said: “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” For this reason, a person attaches great value and a deep attachment to their name. It goes without saying that a person’s name is something that they should feel happy and proud to have.

However, it is often seen that people change their names. Changing one’s name is a personal decision, and it is a widely followed practice in countries around the world. It is a perfectly acceptable and legal practice, as long as the person who wishes to change their name has no intention to deceive, misrepresent or engage in fraudulent activities. 

Let’s take a look at some of the various reasons that a person may wish to change their name.

To begin with, it may so happen that a person may not be feeling very happy with the name they were given when they were born. They may not feel that sense of belonging and attachment to a name that they feel does not truly reflect their identity and personality. 

Change of Name Ad in Newspaper

Sometimes it may even happen that their name got misspelled or mistyped. These are errors that would require a change as soon as possible. 

People may want to change their names due to astrological or numerological reasons as well. They may want to alter the spelling of either their first name, surname or middle name, or they may want to take on or discard a middle name. 

At times, the reasons for changing one’s name could be deeply personal as well, such as when a person wants to change their surname after a traumatic experience with their family or spouse. 

Whatever the reason may be for a person to want to change their name, simply declaring themselves to have a new name does not make it official and legally enforceable. To do this, a person has to fulfill certain legal requirements to make the change of name official. The person has to submit an affidavit, as well as book a name change ad in a newspaper. 

According to the law in India, the person is required to book the name change ad in at least two newspapers. One newspaper has to be in the English language, while the other has to be in the language of the state or Union Territory that the person is a resident of.

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