How to release a Change of Name Advertisement in an Indian Newspaper?


Book Your Newspaper Classified Ads - releaseMyAdAre you trying to post your Ad in a newspaper to inform the world your new name? It is now easier than ever before. All you need to do is log in to and place your Change of Name Ad booking for any Newspaper in India.

Release a Change of Name Advertisement is mandatory – for the issuance of New Passports / Visas and other such legal matters. You would be required to release your Ad in your area of residence adhering to the requirements of the consulate/passport officer.

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This change of name advertisement can be done in 3 easy steps – after which your Ad booking is confirmed!

Ad Step 1: Choose the category as Change of Name. After that select your Newspaper & Edition.

Ad Step 2: Compose your Ad as specified by your requirement. A Sample Newspaper Change of Name Ad is provided below:

“I Anjali Agarwal mother of Shreya Agarwal residing at Bhagyshree Society, Parvati Pytha , Pune , Maharashtra – 411030 My Daughter Shreya Agarwal born on 18 Nov 1996, Passport Number: G222131 has changed her name to “Gayatri Anjali Prasad”. Henceforth she he has to be called and known as Gayatri Anjali Prasad “

Ad Step 3. Select the date for your Ad release & make the payment by selecting Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking. You can also make offline payment through cheque in any ICICI Bank branch across the country.

Certain Newspapers also require a scanned/faxed copy of a Notarized Affidavit to allow you to release an Ad in them. We also offer a special service where we can courier you the physical copy of the Newspaper should you require so!

So go ahead and book your classified Ad for Change of Name at today!


    • Many (almost all) newspapers in India require a Gazette publication for the name change before they accept you ads. So I dont think it is not that simple that once you request through website they will publish your ad right away.


      • Sir,

        Anyone booking a name change ad online through has to provide a copy legal affidavit as a supporting document. However some newspapers like Times Of India do no require any legal document for such ads. Kindly visit & contact us via phone or fre guest chat feature should you have any more queries before booking a newspaper advertisement!

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to place this ad for surname change before I had surname Dipti nagda but my dad changed fearing that everyone would tease so it was changed to shah now my all marksheets are with name Dipti shah but ration card and light bill it all has nagda surname and I have gazette copy too so now if I place ad so will this proof be enough to show in passport documents.

  2. Hello,

    I am currently residing in US. I would like to change my name in my Indian passport which requires placing an Ad in local newspaper. I do not have any legal affidavit from India to support the name change Ad. but I can submit a legal affidavit/court order from U.S. court though. What is the best advise you could suggest me to place the Ad in English Newspaper in Andhra Pradesh? I would need physical copy of the newspaper too couriered to my US address.

  3. Hai

    I changed my name in India and i have the Kerala Govt.Gusset copy.I am currently working in Dubai.But as per my passport still am in old passport will expired on can i change my name before the renewal of my passport???

  4. Hi,
    I want to change my name and want to put the ad for the same. I do not have any affidavit. I have “Damakumari” name in my documents but I had always been called as “Damini” and I want to change my name to Damini. How do I go about it?

  5. Hello
    i have to give an add for change of name because my name in birth certificate of mulcipalti in Mumbai has jerel and my other all document are in name of Gerald. I have to apply for passport and i am getting a big problem for name. So please tell me what should i do

  6. i live in the US and the passport office requires a physical copy of the newspaper advertisement. Would you guys be able to ship me a few copies of the news paper. I will be happy to pay for this service. Thank you.

    • Please know that releaseMyAd is an online newspaper ads booking agency and we do not provide newspaper copies or the advertisement copy. You can view your advertisement by either purchasing the newspaper or in the e-paper of the newspaper in which your ad was published. If you need we can send you a cut out of the printed ad from the newspaper provided as they have a digital one. Please let us know the name of the newspaper or the Ad Id under which your ad was published so that we can help you further in this. In case of any further queries, please email us at or

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