Inform the Loss of your Dear Ones Through Obituary Advertisements in the Newspaper!


An Obituary Advertisement in Newspaper is basically a kind of news article placed by the family of the deceased about the sudden demise. The death ad in newspaper is an account of the concerned person’s life and the information about the upcoming funeral. Death Advertisements in Newspapers are the source to inform everyone about the demise and acknowledge the loss of your loved one. 

An obituary advertisement acknowledges the loss of our loved ones, expresses the pain of the loss and the joy that their presence among us brought in the past. For many of us, publishing a demise ad of our loved ones in the newspaper is a very important part of the grieving process. Through this advertisement, it’s become easy to inform about the funeral and memorial arrangements to all the relatives, friends, and colleagues. Obituary ads are meant to identify and communicate to the community the passing of our loved ones and to announce the burial and memorial information.

Obituary Advertisement

Death can be of anyone, it can be of a family member, distant relative, friend or a colleague, but the pain is immeasurable. Obituary Advertisement in Newspaper are published with the aim of informing as many people as possible as the process of informing everyone individually is quite time-consuming for the family members of the deceased who had been in contact with the deceased personally or professionally. 

The purpose of an obituary ad is to remember the happy memories with the person and express the grief for the loss. Obituary ads are categorized into two headings:

  • Death Announcement: It is an announcement made by the family or the close ones to inform the people about the demise. Since it is just an announcement, the funeral and the burial details are mentioned in the notice. Biographical details are not included. 
  • Memorial Advertisement: This is an advertisement where the family informs about the event in remembrance of the death of a person. It takes place every year on his/her death anniversary and is written by the family or closed ones.

Obituary Ad in Newspaper are mostly published in a Display Classified format or a Display format where you can upload the picture of the deceased and some texts in a pre-designed template which are already present on our website for obituary ads for every newspaper. The ad can be published in color or in black and white format. 

Book Obituary Ad under in Classified or Display pages under the categories like Sad Demise, Besna, Bhog, Chautha, Uthavna, Marka, Kriya, Condolences, Death Announcement, Mass and Services, Rasam Pagdi, Uthala, Vaikunta Samaradhana and many more. 

Composing Tips for Obituary Advertisement:

  • Name of the deceased should be correctly mentioned in the ad text.
  • Date of death should be included within the ad text.
  • Address/ Venue/ Date/ Times of the funeral or shradh ceremony must be mentioned in the ad content.
  • Names of the family members of the deceased should be mentioned at the end of the ad text. 

Required Documents:

A Doctor’s Note / Death Certificate/ Cremation or Burial Certificate – any one of them is required to publish an Obituary Advertisement in the Newspaper. If it is not available, the documents should be arranged first before publishing the advertisement in the newspaper. 

Ad booking steps:

You can get your ad booked in 3 simple steps through an online process.

  • Visit Obituary page on our website
  • Select preferred newspaper and location and proceed
  • Enter your name, email and mobile no.
  • Select Classified or Display option to proceed further.
  • Choose Color or Black & White option
  • Select single or multi-column based on your ad text.
  • Enter your ad matter and upload the photo
  • Preview your ad 
  • Select your recommended released day
  • Register yourself
  • Upload the supporting document
  • Choose your payment option 

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