Know More On How to Turn Readers into Valuable Leads with Tarun Bharat Advertisements


Print Industry in India has continued to witness positive growth & the regional press has evolved to become the backbone of the newspaper industry. The regional language newspapers are overtaking the advertising-rich English language paper in terms of readership numbers.

Tarun Bharat is a Marathi language newspaper based in Belgaum, India. It has the seventh-largest selling regional language newspaper in India. The paper currently has eight editions in Belgaum, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Goa & Mumbai.

Founded by Baburao Thakur during the British colonial era it pulls together the local & national news, stories, interesting columns on a variety of subjects, comics & local events continuously keeping readers entertained & engaged. It is the most widely read newspaper in the regions and continues to dominate the regional space. The popularity & increasing readership of the newspaper helps advertisers reach millions of readers at a go. Given the amount of readership, it is highly recommended to book your classified ads in The Tarun Bharat.

The most important benefit of publishing a Classified ad in the Tarun Bharat is that it helps target specific demographics of the particular region. There is no denying the fact that it saves a lot of time & money. It allows advertisers to reach a smaller, more niche audience in the geographical area. The paper also has six supplements published in different days of the week all catering to different age groups. Advertisers looking to target the local audience of the region should promote their products & services through classified advertising in the Tarun Bharat newspaper & its supplements.

The paper has an elaborate classified ad section that helps you advertise in any ad format you want. Based on your budget you can place your ad in three formats – classified text ad which is run on simple words. Classified Display is more attractive in the sense that it allows inserting pictures & logo and more ad space to compose your ad. The last but not the least is the Display format that helps you advertise on any page of the newspaper rather than just on the classified section of the page.

Based on the choice of format you can publish your ad accordingly. releaseMyAd is an online ad agency that helps in the smooth booking of the ads in the Tarun Bharat newspaper. The online ad portal is an industry leader in the newspaper ad marketplace. You can place your ad in The Tarun Bharat newspaper and can rest assured that it will be published as per the scheduled date.

So effectively reach your niche audience through Tarun Bharat Classified ads.