Booking Ads in Purvanchal Prahari Now at your Fingertips


Advertising, in today’s time, is an instrumental factor for branding and promotion. Although several new advertising mediums are emerging every day, newspapers remain to be a trusted and reliable vehicle.

People in the northeastern part of India are habituated to reading newspapers. Thus, several consider newspaper advertising for targeting audiences from this region. Purvanchal Prahari is one such newspaper which entertains numerous advertisers.Purvanchal Prahari Newspaper Ads

Purvanchal Prahari is a widely read Hindi language daily newspaper, published in Guwahati, Jorhat and Lakhimpur. It was launched in the year 1989 by G. L. Publications. Presently, it has a total circulation of 47, 290 in the given locations, and is quite popular for its quality content on various topics like politics, education, celebrity, health, business, lifestyle, fitness and science & technology. Advertising in Purvanchal Prahari has proved to be beneficial for many because of the following reasons:

  • Responsive Readers: Building momentum for a new brand or product that appeal to readers can be difficult. However, readers of Purvanchal Prahari are more likely to purchase products advertised because they trust what they see or read. This newspaper has managed to build a strong trust factor with its readers.
  • Timely Print: This is one of the biggest advantages of advertising in Purvanchal Prahari. Short deadlines allow ads to be published in a matter of days, even 24 hours.
  • Unlimited Creative Possibilities: From a tiny space to multiple ads in a page, you can create any ad that you want. Other creative layouts like jacket, Skybus, etc. are also available.
  • Active Medium: Print ads engage consumers more than any other media. An average print ad is five times more likely to get noticed than even the best designed digital ads.
  • Valued Advertising: Purvanchal Prahari has been responsible for credible reporting of local, national and international affairs. The trust readers have placed on newspapers has a great effect on ads printed within.

There are three possible ad formats – classified ads and display ads. Purvanchal Prahari classified ads are of two types, classified text ads and classified display ads. The former consists of only words and characters and is the most economical form of advertising. The latter, on the other hand, includes pictures or logos in addition to the text, which helps it to cut through the clutter very efficiently. Display ads are the most elaborate among the lot and usually occupy an attention-grabbing position in the newspaper.

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  • Select the newspaper – Purvanchal Prahari
  • Choose the ad type – Classified Text/Classified Display/Display
  • Choose an edition, for example, Guwahati, North Lakhimpur, Jorhat.
  • Choose the category under which you want to post the ad – matrimonial, recruitment, obituary, etc.
  • Compose the ad. For Classified Display/Display. You can also avail our design team’s help if required.
  • Select a date when you want the ad to be published, and clear the payment through Credit/Debit Card. You will receive a confirmation message once booking is done.

For any assistance regarding ad booking process in Purvanchal Prahari, contact us at 09830629298 or Our executives shall get in touch with you within 24 hours.