Booking Ads in Amar Asom Newspaper Now Made Easy!


Are you planning to book ads in Amar Asom newspaper? But do not know how to go about it? Worry not, because we have the easiest solution for you!

Amar Asom is a popular Assamese language daily newspaper, founded by G. L. Publications Ltd. in the year 1995. It has a daily circulation of 70, 434 and is published from Jorhat, Guwahati and North Lakhimpur. Widely preferred by Assamese intellectuals because of its unbiased reporting related to various topics like politics, day-to-day events, sports, entertainment and so on, Amar Asom has earned a good reputation by gratifying the readers with quality content.

Amar Asom, in addition to the main newspaper, has two supplementary, printed for the weekend.

  • Saturday Supplement: It consists of four pages covering multiple aspects such as culture, health, nature and youth.
  • Sunday Supplement: This is a 32-pages magazine called ‘Purvachal’ which primarily includes articles about nature, travel, health, and events.

Given the immense readership, Amar Asom newspaper is most often used as a medium for advertising in the following formats:

  • Classified Ads: This could be of two types – classified text (consisting of words/texts with no images) and classified display (consisting of words/texts with images). Amar Asom classified ads are highly cost-effective, and thus, suit every advertiser’s pocket. They are usually small in size and can be highlighted to cut through the clutter.
  • Display Ads: Display ads are the most extravagant form of advertising that involves a lot of creative elements. Such ads usually grab maximum attention, thereby creating an impact in the viewer’s mind.

Amar Asom classifieds and display ads can be published under various categories such as matrimonial, obituary, recruitment, education and several others.Amar Asom Newspaper Ad

Now the most important question, why choose us?

releaseMyAd is a registered booking partner of Amar Asom. Since 2008, we have been serving advertisers all across the country. We provide you with a user-friendly online portal for booking ads in newspapers. We have served over ten lakh customers throughout India with our virtual presence, and further progressing towards doubling that number.

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Your time is valuable to us, and hence, we have carved out a hassle-free procedure to make booking ads in Amar Asom easy:

  • Choose the ad type – Classified Text/Classified Display/Display
  • Choose a location where you want the ad to be published, for example, Guwahati, North Lakhimpur, Jorhat.
  • Choose the category under which you want to post the ad – matrimonial, recruitment, obituary, etc.
  • Compose the ad. For Classified Display/Display, should you require, our design team can assist you.
  • Select a date when you want the ad to be published, and clear the payment through Credit/Debit Card. You will receive a confirmation message once booking is done.

For any assistance regarding ad booking process in Amar Asom, contact us at 09830629298 or Our executives shall get in touch with you within 24 hours.