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Inviting bids for any project is known as Tender. Government bodies and other financial or educational institutions invite bids in respect of large projects, this process is called Tender. Usually, bids have a specific time period within which it must be submitted fixed by the institutions. The process in respect of a takeover offer declared by any company, when shareholders submit their shares and securities, is also referred to as Tenders.

The tender notice should be created in such a way, so as to enable the contractors with all necessary information including, short description of the work, period of construction, date and time for submission of the tender, amount of earnest money, manner of depositing the earnest money, estimated amount of the tender, name and address of the person to whom the completed tenders are to be deposited and any other information as may be required. The tender notice advertisement must be published with all required information at least prior to 15 days from the date of submission of tender.

Now newspaper advertisement for E-Tender Notice is booked in national and regional newspapers. Usually, these ads are booked in black and white classified display and display formats. You can check out the ad samples and the pre-designed templates on our website for booking them on your own. Through newspaper advertisement one can reach out to a wide range of audiences. E Tender Notice Ads

Classified display or display ads are column ads measured and charged on per square centimeter basis. The company logo can also be used in the ad content along with the ad text. Only a few handful newspapers allow booking tender notice ads in text format. In order to find out more, visit our online portal.

Advertisements help to popularize a product or service; therefore, companies or individuals who wish to publicize their subject among a particular region can choose a specific edition to advertise.

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