10 Tamil Marriage Rituals and Procedures That Makes It So Stunning


Tamil matrimony rituals are exceptionally popular and are filled with lots of fun. Being part of several Tamil weddings I can vouch that you have not seen so colourful and yet so methodical rituals in any other community. Tamilians are widely known for their charm and simplicity even if it’s for an extravagant affair like a wedding.   

Tamilian culture is pretty vibrant and it is quite evident from their wedding ceremonies. You will find intricate wedding attires, enriching décor and delicious foods. So, if you haven’t attended any South Indian wedding yet, then here is a glimpse of amazing Tamil wedding rituals-

  1. Panda Kaal Muhurtham

This ceremony holds a prime importance in Tamil families since the wedding functions begin with this. Both the families of bride and groom offer prayers to God for a blissful and uninterrupted wedding.

  1. Pallikai Thellichal

This ritual is really fun as you have to feed the fishes. Now you must be thinking how? Well, you need seven earthen pots decorated with sandalwood in which you have to fill nine types of grains along with curd. Then you have to dip these pots in the water to feed the fishes. This ceremony is considered lucky for the couple’s journey ahead.

  1. Sumangali Prarthanai

‘Prarthanai’ the term refers to offering prayers to god. In Tamil marraige, the bride-to-be seeks blessings from deities for a peaceful wedded life ahead.

  1. Naandi Shrardham

This ritual requires both the families of bride and grooms to offer prayers to the departed souls of their ancestors. They invite Brahmins for an authentic South Indian feast and request them to bless the couple.

  1. Nichayathartham

This is the ritual of engagement. Here the bride and the groom exchange rings in the presence of family members and friends. The ritual starts with the Ganesh Puja performed by the bride’s family. The groom’s family gives the bride a new saree, jewellery and gifts and the bride’s family gifts the groom new set of attires.

  1.    Lagna Pathirikai

In this ceremony,  the wedding date is announced officially by the priest.

  1. Mangala Snaanam

This ritual is performed by both families on the morning of the wedding day. The guests and family members apply haldi, kumkum and oil on the bride and groom before they take a bath and get ready for the wedding.

  1. Gauri Puja

Gauri Puja is an auspicious ritual performed by the bride on her wedding day. Once the bride gets ready, she offers prayers to Goddess Gauri.

  1. Kashi Yatra

This ritual is actually funny, here the groom pretends that he does not want to marry, and is going away a holy trip to Kashi. At this time, the bride’s father stops him and convinces him towards married life, and offers to have his daughter married to him. The groom then agrees and is taken to the wedding venue.

  1. Maalai Maatral

In this ritual the bride and the groom exchange flower garlands, three times followed by Oonjal or swing ceremony.

Even today all of these rituals are strictly followed by the Tamil families to maintain their culture and family traditions. Tamilians put a lot of effort into arranging all events and they put more stress while finding matches.  We all know it’s not easy to find perfect brides or grooms for our loved ones. So this is why Tamilians resort to newspapers for finding life partners as this is the most reliable platform. So, in case you are looking for Tamil bride or grooms, then newspapers would be the best bait.  Just book a Tamil matrimonial in your preferred newspaper to reach out your target audience.

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