Zee Cinema Advertisement Booking Got Easier


There was a time when television Advertising was a costly affair so advertisers used to resort to print media or other low budget mediums. Even though the response was not satiating as per a survey which was conducted some years back. Many advertisers voiced their fears and concerns regarding advertising in the electronic medium.  Further research shows that earlier advertisers didn’t have proper exposure of the television advertising and the charges were too high for small-scale or medium-sized businesses. But now the scenario has changed completely since advertisers always look out for newer ways to engage their customers.

These days television advertising has become much easier because of the online ad booking agency that provides transparency in the whole ad booking process. Television is an important source of entertainment in most of the Indian families so advertising in the intervals of these programs can get your brand a strong recognition among the target audience.

Zee Cinema is a popular Hindi movie channel based in India. It is owned by the eminent Essel group. This channel broadcast different types of programs for people of all age groups. Through Zee Cinema advertising, you can target people of all age groups from the younger generation to the older people who love watching classic Bollywood movies and shows of this channel.

Zee Cinema has emerged as a strong brand with more than a  million viewers across the nation. Therefore Advertising in this channel can help advertisers to reach out to a huge population at one go. Many distinguished brands advertise in this channel to get a stronghold on the market. This helps them to separate their brand from the existing players in the market.Advertising on Zee Cinema

Through Television advertising, many brands have gained massive success in generating revenue. So now you can also advertise in Zee Cinema to fulfill your advertising goals. The advertising rates of Zee Cinema is ideal for individual advertisers and small-scale businesses or advertisers with the lower advertising budget.

In the year 2008 releaseMyAd was founded with the idea of booking advertisements online in various ad platforms which includes newspaper, radio, television, theatre, and internet. With the aim to make advertising easy for the clients, we brought the entire marketplace at your fingertips enabling the advertisers to choose from a wide range of options to fulfill their advertising goals.  Our portal is designed in such a way so that anyone can book their ads without our help.releaseMyAd simplifies your advertising experience by saving time and money. It eliminates the hectic process that one has to go through earlier.  We are authorized by INS, the main governing council of media publications, so the publication house sends us direct ad rates without any extra commission charge.

releaseMyAd Ad booking process: The ad booking process through our portal is very simple; it will take only a few minutes to book the ad in your favourite Television channel. So follow these 3 steps below for booking advertisement in Zee Cinema  :

  • Choose Zee Cinema channel on our portal and select your preferred spots, campaign date, and ad length.
  • Then you need to select the booking essentials which include format and developing ad creative.
  • After selecting all these you can start the media negotiation process by sending your name, contact information, and company name. After receiving the quotation, you can proceed to our website to make the payment online. Once we receive the payment we will make your ad campaign Live!

For more information on Zee Cinema advertisement, feel free to call us at 09830629298 or write us at enquiry@releasemyad.com. Our executives will get back to you within 24 hours.