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At the age of 17, if anyone asked me how I plan to settle for a good job, I would have
answered: Get into the best college.
At the age of 18, if anyone asked me the same question, I would have answered: Get into the
professional course
And at the age of 19: Get a good GPA

But today if anyone asks me, then all the things I have spoken of earlier are there at the bottom of my list. They have successfully been replaced by Internships, volunteering, and extracurricular.

releaseMyAd proffers you a podium to complete an Internship.An Internship that can be done alongside your university academics to acquire multiple Marketing Skills and gain industry specific knowledge. It aims to connect with students across varied courses of study with a passion for Marketing. The program is designed to be completed at the Intern’s own pace. Internships help you to explore more about how life will be after graduating and where you can fit in. They help you make better decisions around your career choice.

The Intern App provides work experience prospect to university students, recent graduates and people considering career changes. The eligibility criteria to start your internship via the intern app is unlock to all the Under Grad students such as the B.COM and BBA mass and also for the Post Grads such as  the MBA students .

All we look for is your zeal in marketing and how would you want to carry it forward and then we are there to hone your skills.

For students, the intern app will facilitate them to pick up the dexterity which is required as ingress to their next big human race after graduation. The intern app will assist you to stand out from the swarm when it comes to getting a full-time job as a fresher!

It will defer the following results:

  • Working with Excel & PowerPoint,
  • Intensive  research,
  • Writing emails and reports,

This is ultimately what a recruiter will look while hiring you.

For all BBA students, by and large they are required to successfully complete an internship as part of their BBA degree requirements.

The Intern App will yield the following Outcomes:

  • Raptness in a professional business environment,
  • Greater understanding of business processes,
  • Increased marketing and professional skills.

For MBA students, internship is an outline to the genuine world workplace, business and it shows the importance of the business theory.

The Intern App will yield the following Outcomes:

  • To develop their marketing skills.
  • Application of text knowledge in the real world workplace.
  • Understanding on the working pattern of real business scenario.

By working on the intern app, you’ll take your education to the next level. We’re dealing with real-world venture, training programs and everything you need to launch your career.

                                                                How’s that for getting ahead of the class?

                                                                   Your internship, your career.