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Pratibadi-advertisementIn the event of naming the top newspapers of Tripura, the Pratibadi Kalam will without a doubt be mentioned in the list. Published from the capital Agartala, it is the favourite Bengali daily of this state. With its major impact on the readers and legitimacy, it has a circulation of 55,000 even after being printed in such a small state. Ever since its establishment, the Pratibadi Kalam has been gaining momentum rapidly and has now comes in the top three newspapers, beating the 56 other daily and weekly newspapers in Tripura.

Anal Roy Choudhary, the owner and publisher, has strived to make this an phenomenal platform for a wide range of news. He makes sure that he keeps his readers engaged with global, national and provincial news related to every field like current affairs, politics, sports, page 3, etc. He was additionally responsible for launching an e-paper for the Pratibadi Kalam. The news editor, Sanjib Dey, has done the job of making the news genuine and unbiased news to the people, which has made this newspaper a must read in this region.

Aside from general news, what draws readers to browse through this newspaper are the innovative advertisements. This newspaper has become a favourite for most advertisers after seeing the great response from the readers.

Pratibadi-kalam-display-adsThis newspaper allows display advertisements to be published, which is always appealing to the readers’ eyes  and creates the maximum impact out of all ads. Driving the attention of a proactive audience for a product or service is now effortless. The advertiser can phrase, position and customize the size according to his needs. Costs are based on the size and placing of the ad. Also, there is a vast difference in printing a black and white ad and a colour ad. Pages with more visibility like the first, third and last page come with extra charges. The various sizes than can be chosen by the publicizer is:

  • 4cm x 4cm (minimum size)
  • 8cm x 6cm
  • 20cm x 12cm
  • 33cm x 25cm (half page ad)
  • 33cm x 52cm (full page ad)
  • Custom size

Despite the fact that these might be the most lavish form of campaigns, they are most favoured by the readers. Big organisations and the elite class find this the best medium to showcase their campaign or business since it enhances the public image of the brand. Popular categories in this include advertisements for Obituary, Retail, Automobiles, Education centres, etc.

releaseMyAd, an online advertising agency, helps you to publish ads in this prestigious newspaper with minimal effort and rates. The advertiser must do the following to book an ad within minutes:

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  2. Pick your size and page specifications.
  3. Create your template instantly, upload your own, or take help from our design team. Our company offers to design a layout for you, free of cost.
  4. Choose your dates and make the payment, online or offline.

Once the payment is received, our company will send you an invoice via email. To know more about booking your ad in the Pratibadi Kalam, get in touch with us on 09830629298 for more information or email us your requirements at


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