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Online advertising is one of the most profitable and effective advertising vehicles of the 21st century. As a direct influence of their popularity and acceptance, there have emerged several varieties of online advertising. Among the most popular ones are Google AdWords’ Search and Display Network advertising campaigns, direct advertising on websites, YouTube advertising, social media marketing and remarketing. Whereas AdWords is all about getting great reach and attract only interested prospects via a pull marketing manoeuvre, a more targeted form of advertising is website advertising.

While Google AdWords’ Display advertising campaign is somewhat like website advertising, there is no guarantee that your ads will be displayed in your preferred websites. In website advertising, you can choose which particular website you want to advertise in, specify how many times you want your ads to be displayed, and what dimensions your ads will be displayed in to attract audiences. You can subsequently choose to run your advertising campaign separately on different websites that cater to your focus groups.

So how exactly does one choose a website to advertise in? The process of choosing the right website can be quite tedious, as there must be potentially a million websites that cater to your focus groups & enjoy great popularity. However, there is an additional factor that you as an advertiser should consider – trust. Trust is an undeniably powerful factor to consider when it comes to deciding your advertising destination, primarily because you would want website visitors who view your ads to be able to associate your brand with a website that they trust.

In our country, the popularity of newspapers is far and wide. The medium is trusted, loved and relied on by the masses, so when the top newspaper brands took to the internet to launch e-papers, they already had an established reader-base that trusts them and subscribes to them. What is great is that these newspaper websites have made accommodations for advertisements. The Indian Express is one of India’s most widely read newspaper dailies, and their success is not limited to print, as their online e-paper also enjoys immense popularity, raking up 90 million visitors on their website on a monthly basis, of which up to 18 million unique visitors. The website, also enjoys an Alexa India rank of 76, which is astonishingly good. So how does one book ads on

Simple, you do it through leading online advertising agency, releaseMyAd. Established in 2009 as a newspaper advertising agency, releaseMyAd then proceeded to grow in leaps and bounds and now caters to radio, cinema, magazine, newspaper and online advertising. Also, our booking process is 100% online, and we also help you with a number of related aspects of your campaign such as creative production. The booking process has been explained below:

  • Visit our advertisement booking page
  • Top websites have two versions of their website, namely the regular desktop version and a specialized mobile version. This step, choose which version you would like to book your ads in. In the Desktop version, you can choose from a choice of banner or innovation ads, whereas mobile versions only offer the former.
  • Provide us with your business and contact details to proceed.
  • Select your ad units, and subsequently upload your ad creative. In the event that you do not have your ad creative, you can seek our help in getting one done.
  • Proceed to book dates and clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

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