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In the early days of the newspaper, there were no supplements, and all categories were covered within the main newspaper. Then came the age of supplements, where separate categories were addressed in different sized papers that readers received gratis with the main newspaper. Today, newspapers cater to specific categories such as finance, economy, etc.Financial-Chronicle

One of the top category specific newspapers in the finance and business sector today is The Financial Chronicle, which was founded in 2008. This particular newspaper has the unique distinction of being the first Indian publication to be launched electronically as an e-paper before having a print edition. The print edition was launched on 16th April, 2008 in Hyderabad and Chennai, one day after the Financial Chronicle e-paper was launched. Following that, the Bangalore edition was launched on 25th May, and the Mumbai edition on 20th June. Within the year 2009, the rising newspaper had added Delhi to its paper route, reaching 5 top cities in under a year.

As with most popular newspapers that enjoy excellent coverage, The Financial Chronicle is a great advertising platform. Newspaper advertisements can broadly be categorized into two types – Classified Ads, which are only printed in the pre-designated Classifieds column, page, or segment, and Display Ads, which are costlier and can be printed anywhere in the main newspaper or its supplements.

Classified ads can be further subdivided into Text and Display Classified ads. Text classified ads are the most popular variety of ads in India, because they have incredible reach, require no expert help, affordable and reliable. It is also very easy to book classified ads, so much so that you can now book your ads over the internet thanks to renowned newspaper advertising agency, releaseMyAd.

Founded in 2009, releaseMyAd started off as a newspaper ad booking platform, and soon extended services to other media platforms such as radio, cinema, magazine and online. The online booking process is simple, and has been explained below:

  • Visit releaseMyAd’s The Financial Chronicle Classified ad booking page
  • Choose which category you would like your ad to be placed under.
  • Choose which of The Financial Chronicle’s city edition(s) you would like to advertise in.
  • Compose your ad text. You can refer to releaseMyAd’s sample ad gallery if you need help composing the ad.
  • Select which date you would like your ad to be published in
  • Clear payment via a host of online and offline methods

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