The lucrative market of newspaper advertising in Hyderabad


Hyderabad was ruled by a dynasty of Nizams for more than six hundred years. Therefore, the city’s brilliant Muslim architecture along with its inclinations towards Mughal culture and delectable cuisine can be easily explained. Fondly called the City of Pearls, Hyderabad has three types of people who call the city home. First is the Muslim community that is generally centred in the Old city. Next is the Telugu speaking section and finally the immigrants who have flocked to the city in large numbers due to Hyderabad developing as a booming IT hub. Naturally, this mixed population will have variegated advertising needs and in different languages.

What are the newspapers that are circulated in Hyderabad?

The Muslim community of Hyderabad mainly speak in Hindi and Urdu, whereas the South Indian community speaks Telugu. Therefore Hyderabad enjoys a circulation of both regional and national newspapers in order to cater to its bilingual populace:


Advantages of newspaper advertising in Hyderabad:

Firstly, Hyderabad has a huge newspaper readership base and many newspapers are distributed across the city. All of these newspapers allow the posting of classified as well as display ads in them. So opportunities for classified advertising in Hyderabad are many. Classified text ads and classified display ad has one simple difference. The former is charged according to its content, while the latter is charged according to its size, the colours and logos used etc. Obituary, remembrance, property, matrimonial, astrology, recruitment and education are the ones that are most selected among the classified ads category.

Secondly, four different languages, namely Hindi, English, Urdu and Telugu are spoken by the inhabitants of the city. So advertisers have the provision of posting ads in any or as many languages of their choice. This ensures a wider reach towards the target audience.

Display newspaper ads in Hyderabad is mainly restricted to the national newspapers like The Times of India, The Hindu etc. Display advertisements are extremely expensive. Only giant companies that have a stipulated amount set aside for advertising can invest in display ads. Unlike classified text ads, these ads do not have much content in them. These use colourful images in them and have more scope for creativity. Display ads appear along with editorial content. Advertisers are free to choose the page on which the ad is to be placed as well as the day on which the ad will run. Education, property, obituary or personal, business and retail are some of the categories under which a display ad can be booked.

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