Weekly Digest (30th March – 5th April)


As we wrap up the last days of March and find ourselves in the second quarter of the year, we take a look at the significance of newspaper advertising, emotional advertisements and ways to optimize your AdWords campaign by increasing your Click Through Rate. This week we also feature a radio advertising section, make sure you check it out!


Newspaper Advertising Updates:

Newspaper advertising has been a prevalent form of advertising in India since the first newspapers were published in the mid-19th century. We explore the ever-present role of newspapers in advertising, along with the prospect of newspaper advertising in the metropolitans, with a special focus on Mumbai.

Newspaper Ad Agencies- Cutting Across Times

Newspaper Advertising Agencies- Connecting the Dots

Leading Advertising Agency of Mumbai -releaseMyAd

 Radio Advertising Updates:

Appealing Audios through Radio Ad Agencies


Google Advertising Updates:

One of the most necessary components of your Google AdWords campaign is your Click Through Rate, and this week we focus on its importance, and how to increase your Click Through Rate.

10 Tips to Increase your CTR Significantly 


Advertising Saga:

Advertisements have long been tugging at our emotions, but few of them have achieved it in the way the new Snapdeal advertisements do.

Snapdeal’s new TVC ‘Dil ki Deal’ campaign


We hope you found these articles helpful and interesting. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s articles!!