Weekly Digest (23rd – 29th March)


March is almost over, and as we begin to step further into 2015, take a look at these wonderful reads of the past week.

Newspaper Advertising Updates:

Advertising in just one media platform is often not suffice. To ensure proper brand reinforcement, it’s advisable to branch out to various media platforms. Learn how to advertise in Nagpur and Lucknow using multiple media.

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Google Advertising Updates:

Success in Google AdWords is dependent on having an overall awareness about how it functions. This week’s articles focus on numerous fundamentals of an AdWords campaign.


The Different Types of Ad Extensions in AdWords

9 Questions You Need to Answer Before Embarking on your AdWords Campaign

How to decide on your AdWords budget

How to Design a Successful Landing Page

10 Mistakes you Shouldn’t be making in AdWords

The Best Online Tools to Assist you in your AdWords Campaign



Advertising Saga:

This week, we take a look at the best ad from one of the leading ad agencies in the world.

These Are Some Of The Best Ogilvy And Mather Ads

We hope you found these articles helpful and interesting. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s articles!!