How to book your Hindu Obituary advert?


We often overlook the fragility and finite nature of a human life. Only when we experience the passing away of someone close in our lives do we actually get a frail sense of the personality of a corporeal existence. The passing away of someone close brings to us emotions that overwhelm us, and it seems to be a viable option to have loved ones around us to provide support to us. Gatherings such as memorial services are organized so that those that the departed have left behind find something to console them in times of strife.

Obituary (2)          Newspaper Obituary ads are public death notices that appear in the classified section of a newspaper. These notices are a means to notify those whose lives the departed had touched, in an attempt to find support and consolation in a public gathering.

                Most Obituaries contain a few necessary details. The usual format of an Obituary ad contains a picture of the deceased, followed by her/his name, after which the date of birth and age of the deceased is listed. The next line contains details of the memorial service, the time, place and date, to be specific. The next part comprises the names of the closest relatives and friends who are grieving. In some cases, relations are mentioned.

                The Hindu is a paper of irrefutable repute and has won several plaudits for setting an excellent standard in journalism. Since its inception in 1878 as a weekly, they soon evolved into a daily by a decade because of the excellent response they received. Today, the Hindu stands tall as the third most-read English newspaper in India, and boasts of the largest circulation base in South India among all English dailies. The Hindu enjoys the distinction of being the most widely read English newspaper in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They have also made stellar innovations in the field, being the first daily in India to open an online portal way back in 1995. The Hindu enjoys prime coverage in metropolitans like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Apart from these locations, the Hindu caters to top cities like Noida, Kochi, Mangalore, Vizag and Coimbatore.

                The Classified section of the Hindu ranks among the most read classified sections of any newspaper in India. Like most other classified sections, the Hindu Classified contains Public Notices and Tenders; Matrimonial ads; ads involving the buying, selling, leasing and renting of property; public announcements such as the change of name or address of an individual or an organization; missing people notifications and of course, Obituaries and Remembrances.Obituary (1)

                Choosing the Hindu as the destination for an Obituary ad is indeed a very wise decision. As mentioned earlier, the Hindu enjoys high readership and has an excellent reputation. They also distribute the daily to almost all corners of India. Hindu Obituary booking has been simplified considerably thanks to endeavors by Kolkata based ad agency, releaseMyAd. ReleaseMyAd have facilitated the online booking of ads. At times of strife and emotional turmoil, it helps to have this excellent service that allows you to book your ads in peace without having to face any hassles. It requires you to fulfill 3 simple steps; first, choosing the editions of Hindu where you want your Obituary ad printed; second, composing the ad with the help of pre-existing sample creative models; and finally, payment via online or offline methods. That finishes the process, and as soon as your payment is cleared, your ad is as good as published.