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Learn about the various ways you can advertise in Radio Mirchi

Over the years, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM has established itself as the number one radio station in India both in terms of popularity and listenership. Radio Mirchi hosts a number of shows that have redefined the radio in India, and has been pivotal in raising Radio Mirchi to the position they are in today.

Types of ads in Radio Mirchi

Radio Mirchi is the market and industry leader in India. Advertising on Radio Mirchi makes your ad available to the biggest audience in India. The most popular methods of advertising over the radio are:


  •  RJ Mentions, in which the Radio Jockey takes about a minute to speak to the audience about your brand in a riveting fashion so as to maximize influence.
  • Capsuleswhich are regular advertising slots.
  • Contests – A radio Contest generally consists of two segments, the first segment where the RJ presents the question to the listeners, and gives them instructions to send the answers, thus generating considerable traffic; if the contest involves a prize, it is also announced in the first segment. The second part comprises of the RJ announcing the winner and getting him/her on air. These segments both last for 60-90 seconds.
  • Voiceovers: Voice-overs consist of a narration about your brand to the backdrop of some soft music.
  • Jingles: A jingle is a short appealing song about your product that captures the attention of the listeners.
  • Sponsorships – Most radio programs have associate or executive sponsors. This type of ad raises brand awareness and associates the brand with the particular show.
  • Utilities – Radio channels often broadcast sports and traffic updates. Often, a particular brand chooses to sponsor these mini-segments. These ads are called Utilities.
  • Specials – Wishes on behalf of brands during occasions are called Specials.
  • Events – Certain marketing events conducted by radio stations often require a title or associate sponsor. This is another opportunity to advertise, called Events.
  • Sparklers or Sweepers are short 10 second ads that occupy the first or last slot of a program.
  • Fabric ads are occasions where 3 RJ mentions are incorporated within the same hour for the same brand.
  • Road Blocks and Outdoor Broadcasts are other varieties of radio ads.

How to advertise most effectively on Radio Mirchi

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