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Dainik Jagran is one of the most read newspaper  in India. The English newspaper daily has circulation across all major cities of the country with readers hailing from diverse backgrounds. Dainik Jagran one of the most sought after papers has supplements which  is published everyday separately for  each individual editions.

Dainik Jagran Supplement Editions : Readers of Dainik Jagran begin their day by going through the colorful pages of various supplements from Obituary,Matrimonial,Recruitment,Financial,Public Announcement etc from Delhi,Kanpur,Lucknow or Ranchi depending on their present location. This additional supplement primarily features columns and stories from the fields of entertainment, sports, page three parties, lifestyle, local events and schedules. It also has a dedicated comics and puzzle section  section for kids. Therefore it would be safe to conclude that Dainik Jagran has readers from all age groups. All these factors make this pullout a great place to advertise in.



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Advertising in Dainik Jagran & it’s Supplementary Editions : The massive popularity of Dainik Jagran  & their supplements makes them ideal for advertising and promotional activities. Hence you will find advertisements from all categories like Business, Recruitment, Property, Education, Services etc. origin-of-newspaper-advertisingcost of display ad in Dainik Jagran for booking a display newspaper ad can be done online at no extra charges as it can be done through releasemyad in the most convinient & easiest manner

How to book advertising space in Dainik Jagran & it’s Supplement Editions:

1) Visit our Dainik Jagran Display Booking Page.

2) On the advertising page select Ad Category>Newspaper>Pullout>Choose edition or package detail & click on proceed to compose.

3) Design your display ad using templates available or upload your own ad design.

4) Select your release dates, clear your payment via online & offline payment modes & get instant confirmation.

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