Learn to maximize your responses from Christian Matrimonial Ad in Newspaper!


Things to remember while booking Christian matrimonial ads in newspapers.

India has as many as twenty eight states and seven union territories. But this is nothing compared to the number of religions and cultural diversity that exists amongst people living in different states. All these creates a huge problem in finding suitable matrimonial matches within the country.

Many believe publishing matrimonial classifieds in newspapers with a detailed requirements expected from the potential match could be a solution. But most fail to make use of this facility even after spending thousands of rupees on their newspaper marriage ad. The right approach towards booking your matrimonial ad is to realize the popular newspapers published in your region. Like for instance if you are looking for a Punjabi Bride then it is useless to book your matrimonial classified for a newspaper like Hindu which is a leading newspaper in the South. The right choice in this case would be newspapers like Punjab Kesri, Hindustan Times or The Tribune which are popular in North India and preferred by most Punjabi readers across the country.


If you are looking for Christian grooms or Christian Brides you should book your matrimonial ads for the following newspapers for maximum response :

Once you have the newspaper of your choice you need to publish your ad under the right religion or caste category available on the matrimonial classified page of newspapers in India. Here is a list of Christian castes under which matrimonial ads are published in newspapers :
  • CSI Matrimonials
  • Born Again Matrimonials
  • Jacobite Matrimonials
  • Roman Catholic

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