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Now booking a Matrimonial Ad for any Punjabi Newspaper such as Kesari, Tribune, Amar Ujala, Times of India, Hindustan Times is more convenient than ever before!

Matrimonial Classified Booking for Telugu Matrimonials

Punjabi people  now have definite answers to their matrimonial requirements. Gone are the days, when you had to find an authorized physica newspaper classified booking center in your neighborhood and fill up a form to book your matrimonial classified for any leading Punjabi daily. Now you can book your Newspaper Matrimonial Ad instantly at releasemyad.

You can  release a Punjabi Tribune Matrimonial Classified Ad at the lowest cost for any of the following Newspapers such as:

– Punjab Kesari  Matrimonials

-The Tribune   Matrimonials

– Amar Ujala -Matrimonials

-Times Of India- Times Matrimonial

Among our entire list of exciting packages, a few are:

Punjab Kesri Matrimonial – Rs.400/20 Words,

The Tribune ( All editions) – Rs 700/ 15 words,

Times Of India (Shagun) Matrimonial Package- Rs 1485/5 lines,

Amar Ujala (All Punjab Editions) Matrimonial Package- For Rs. 531/ 25 words

To know the rates & all the exciting packages available towards booking your next Marriage Newspaper Ad visit our Rates & offers section .

Now book your matrimonial classified advertisements for newspapers in origin-of-newspaper-advertisingour Ad booking Page to select the Newspaper and Edition(s) / Package

2. Provide details of the ad including Message

3. Select Release dates, any of the Special Insertion Offers, and Confirm the ad details along with the payment.

We also provide answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQs page.

Should you have any questions feel free to reach us on our customer helpline number at 09830629298
Book Your Newspaper Classified Ads - releaseMyAd


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