Payment via Cheque Deposit


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We encourage you to pay via a cheque deposit into our bank a/c.  Details are as under.

To pay by Demand Draft/ Cheque, please ensure the following:

  1. Make the Demand Draft/ Cheque in favour of ‘Release My Ad’ of any prime bank.
  2. Drop your Demand Draft/ Cheque at the following bank Account:
    ICICI Bank, Account # 031205004510
    Please note that we require the payment to be realized atleast 3 days prior to release date.
  3. Email us your cheque number and your ad ID to so that our Accounts team can monitor your payment

To view your ad booking details, click the link below:

You’ll need to log in using your User ID and Password.

Your Ad is provisionally booked and would be released upon realization of your payment, and on receipt of your cheque number and ad ID.

For any questions/ clarifications, kindly contact us at 09830629298 /
Book Your Newspaper Display Ad - releaseMyAd