How are the services of the Customer Care helpful for Customers in an Online Newspaper Ad Booking Agency?


Most of the customers who use an online portal for booking an ad in the newspaper are laymen. They do not have any prior knowledge of ad booking and they require assistance. The customer care representatives are completely devoted to help them with their very basic queries and to assist them in booking the ads.


Basic Queries of Customers include:

  • Selection of the correct newspaper to focus the target audience
  • Cost of publishing an ad is among the most important and frequent queries

 The customer care also guides the customers to select the best newspaper in any particular region depending upon their budget and target audience.

Online ad booking portals are usually user friendly and self explanatory. However, some customers require assistance for booking the ad. The customer care guides them step by step and often helps them to compose the ad text, designs as well as selection of the correct column or section for publishing an ad.  Most newspapers have particular focus days for publishing certain types of ads. The customer care informs the same to the customers so that they can get the best results out of their ad.

  • Helping with the process of payment for the ads booked is also a part of the job for the customer care representative.

Often, the customers are unable to make payments online due to various technical issues. The assigned agent assists them in clearing the payment online or provides them with alternate offline payment options.

  • After the payment is done and the ad is successfully booked, it awaits Editorial Approval. Various newspapers have various rules and regulations for publishing an ad. The customer car agent’s duties include informing these discrepancies to the customers and also to rectify them.

releasemyad-for-excellent-customer-serviceCorrecting the ad text as per the publications’ specifications, correcting the errors in categorization and release dates are important tasks handled by the customer care agents. This is to ensure that the ads can be successfully processed to the publication and ensure customer retention.

  • Customer care services do not end with helping in processing the ad successfully. Various post-release issues crop up which the customer care department has to handle regularly.

Customer grievances such as – ads not published, ads published in the wrong column, mistakes in ad text, etc. occur at times due to printing errors or some technical issues. The customer care representatives are bound to co-ordinate with the publications to deal with such problems. The issues are to be solved within a specific time as requested by the customers and the customer care team is there to ensure that these issues are solved within this time frame. The customer care investigates the complaints of wrongly published ads and requests the publication to re-publish it correctly. Ad missed for release is a common error that occurs often due to technical errors and newspaper pages filling up prior to deadline. These ads are rescheduled with the consent of the customers and proper communication with the publications by the Customer Service Department.

  • Taking post ad release feedback from the customers is another essential responsibility of the Customer Service department at ad booking portals.customer-services-releasemyad

Such feedback from the customers help in improving our services and continue healthy relations with the customers so that they return back to the portal again and again and look forward to continued satisfying service.

Over all, the Customer Services section helps in smooth delivery & maintenance of the services to the customers and ensures growth and development of the business.

We at releaseMyAd-India’s largest online ad booking portal, value our Customers a lot which is why we ensure excellent and end-to-end customer service delivery. Hence the Customer Service Team of origin-of-newspaper-advertising

Customers willing to share feedback on our Services and Customer Care Support may visit our Feedback Page.

Author Bio: Dipayan Majumdar has been associated with the Customer Service Team of for over 2 and half years now. He is like an information bank for most customers, who choose to book their newspaper ads through releaseMyAd. He also offers solutions to any issues faced by the customers, related to their ads after the booking or release of the advertisement. He has displayed his talent in writing as well as his skills and rigorous yet diligent work schedule in offering excellent customer service for booking ads in newspapers through the above article. Hope you find it helpful. I would also like to thank Dipayan for helping releaseMyAd retain our valuable customers.