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Navarashtra is a Marathi language daily newspaper that is owned and published by The Navabharat Group. It was founded by Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari when India’s fight for freedom was at its peak. 

The Navabharat Group also publishes a Hindi language daily newspaper called Navbharat which was launched in Nagpur in the year 1934, and an English language news daily called ‘Central Chronicle’ which was founded in Bhopal in the year 1957. According to the Indian Readership Survey, Navabharat is the sixth most popularly read newspaper in central India. 

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When Navabharat was launched, its founder did not want language to be a barrier in the newspaper’s pursuit of making the news accessible to all the people of the country, and so, Navarashtra was launched. Navarashtra, along with Navabharat, was founded as the “new voice of Maharashtra”, and endeavours to bring about the transformation of India into a ‘New India’. 

As of today, Navarashtra is published from Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune, and is read by a large number of people across the length and breadth of Maharashtra. Known for delivering all the latest news stories in an analytical, balanced and comprehensive manner, Navarashtra is a newspaper that provides readers with a fresh and forward-looking take on the news. It is a popular newspaper, and a Navarashtra advertisement can certainly go a long way in getting you the reach you seek.

In each of its editions, Navarashtra provides readers with all the hottest trending news stories from in and around Maharashtra, the rest of India and from across the world. In addition to all the news, Navarashtra offers readers a wide range of content, stories and articles from many topics of interest. These topics include careers, education, editorial content, featured stories, special coverage stories, sports, business, entertainment, cinema, television, theatre, literature, lifestyle, health, fashion and beauty, travel, horoscope, religion, food, relationships, science and technology, gadgets, automobiles and many more. 

With this wide range of content on offer, one can say that Navarashtra is a newspaper that offers something for everyone. With advertisements in Navarashtra newspaper, you will be in a position to get noticed by a wider audience across the length and breadth of Maharashtra. 

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