How useful is a newspaper classified advertisement today?


In today’s world, it is not at all uncommon to see people glued to their mobile phones. This is a clear indication that technology has become an integral part of our lives, to the point that they are somehow linked to and play a role in all our daily activities. 

Needless to say, technological advancements over the last few decades have made it possible to access the world’s information within seconds with remarkable ease. This, of course, begs the question, are newspapers even relevant then in today’s world? 

The answer, though, is yes, even though it is significantly more complex than it may seem at first. While a lot of people may say that newspapers have lost their utility in a modern, hyperconnected world, there is a lot that the newspaper can offer even today!

To begin with, even with there being a seemingly endless pool of information on the internet, not all of that information is verified and fact-checked. The content that is published in newspapers is authentic and reliably verified. This makes newspapers a credible and trustworthy source of information. 

Information and content on digital platforms are often highly cluttered, whereas in the case of newspapers, articles and stories are presented in a structured and organised manner. It is also well known that print media has a higher convincing power, and for this reason newspaper advertisements are highly effective in calling people to action. 

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Additionally, in a country like India, not everyone is technologically proficient, or able to afford a smartphone or tablet. For them, reading the news in a printed newspaper is the only way to stay updated with current events. 

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